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Upon seeing everyone, Han Zhouli was back to his cold demeanor, entirely opposite to how he was in private with Lu Man.

“Its not late, we just came here.” Wu Lize who was the manager had yet to say anything when Xia Mengxuan suddenly spoke, trying to curry favor with him.

Her overly flattering look made everyone from the PR Department sink their faces, disgust and disdain for her clearly visible on their faces.

When Han Zhuoli glanced at her coldly, Xia Mengxuan straightened her back in surprise, showing off her swan neck, and maintaining the most elegant posture.

Who knew that other than that short glance, Han Zhuoli would not look at her again, his expression cold and stoic

“If everyone is here, then lets go,” Han Zhuoli coldly said, then walked out first.

Not able to stand it anymore, Sister Li chided Xia Mengxuan in a low voice, “Xia Mengxuan, your look just now was so ugly!”

Although Xia Mengxuan felt shameful, she did not want to admit it, “What did I do wrong”

“Ha!” Sister Li smiled coldly, not believing that Xia Mengxuan was dumb to not even know what she did wrong, and then strode away, too lazy to bother with her.

They did not think that the vehicle Zheng Tianming prepared was a bus where everyone could sit together.

Han Zhuoli got on the bus first and Zheng Tianming stood at the door, letting everyone enter first.

When Wu Lize got on the bus, he instinctively thought that the seat next to Han Zhuoli was left for Zheng Tianming, so he sat a row behind.

Everyone who came up after him thought the same way, Sister Li and Brother Zhang sat together, while Chen Shimian chose a single seat, not wanting to sit with Xia Mengxuan.

Xia Mengxuan gave a cold hmph, did Chen Shimian think she wanted to sit with him

Seeing the empty seat next to Han Zhuoli, even though she knew that everyone left it for Zheng Tianming, she still bravely went up, “CEO, theres no one sitting next to you, right”

Han Zhuoli looked up at Xia Mengxuan coldly and disgustedly.

At that instant, Wu Lize felt humiliated and shouted, “Xia Mengxuan, go sit back!”

“But there are no seats behind.” Xia Mengxuan bit her lips softly displaying a pitiful look on her face.

Han Zhuoli found it funny, she was so much worse than his Man Man.

“Are you blind” Chen Shimian pointed behind him, “There are so many seats, cant you see”

It was just too embarrassing!

She just had to go awry when the CEO was here, what if it caused the CEO to think that their Public Relations Department was full of such disgusting people

Just then, Zheng Tianming got on the bus and urged her, “Xia Mengxuan, can you walk to the back faster”

Seeing that Han Zhouli was not even sparing her a glance and that everyone else was looking at her mockingly, Xia Mengxuan got so angry that her face was flushed.

She lowered her head and hurriedly walked towards the back,

Who would have thought that due to her very long dress, she would accidentally step on it with the tip of her toe!

“Ah!” Xia Mengxuan shouted in shock as she fell forward.

Although her colleagues were on her left and right, not a single person stretched his or her hand out to help her up.

Xia Mengxuans actions just now were too shameful, she was so ostentatious, did she really think they could not tell that she was trying to seduce the CEO

Before this, she had worked together with Ye Xiaoxing to ruin Lu Mans reputation, and right after that, she turned around to seduce the CEO herself, how thick-skinned!

Her actions might make the CEO feel that their Public Relations Department was full of such shameless people.

Having embarrassed everyone in the Public Relations Department, did she still hope they would help her up

Xia Mengxuans face was burning hot as she gritted her teeth and stood up, taking the support of the nearby seats, not caring where she would be sitting, she just sat on the double seat next to her.

Who knew that Zheng Tianming would not sit next to Han Zhuoli and instead walked towards the back.

Seeing Zheng Tianming walk towards the back seats, Xia Mengxuan moved her long skirt onto the empty seat next to her, not letting Zheng Tianming sit.

Zheng Tianming twitched his lips, he was not planning on sitting there at all, did she really think that she was very important!

Lu Man was the last to come up; it was not that she was giving them a way out of politeness, the truth was she did not know why Zheng Tianming was suddenly acting crazy, blocking her way and not letting her up, so she was the last to get on the bus.


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