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Chapter 2220: All Because of You

“In the past, I never suspected you of anything, because I felt that we were both at the same level.

I was your match, so I wasnt afraid of other people coming to fight me over you.

“But now, its different.

I have nothing left.

If you dont want me, thatd be a very simple decision for you, but I wont be able to do anything, and I wont be able to resist it either.” As Lu Qi said that, she reached out shakily and held He Zhengbais hand.

“Zhengbai, I dont want to become a woman with whom you are annoyed and get tired of.

Its just that now I… Im a little scared.” Lu Qi cried as she spoke.

“Because I have nothing left.

If I continue being with you, I cant give you any benefits.

I no longer have anything for you.

I am scared that your family would also not want to accept me anymore and will tell you to find someone new.”

Lu Qi pressed her hand against her heart.

“Im not being overly suspicious, I just lost my confidence.

“You… its fine even if you dont love me that much,” Lu Qi said.

“But dont use me, deceive me, and then abandon me.

“All the things that I lost today, its all because of you.” Lu Qi cried as she said that.

“I know.” He Zhengbai patted and comforted her, then pulled her into his arms to console her.

Before completely getting Xia Qingyang to help them, he still had to treat Lu Qi well.

“Qi Qi, what kind of person do you take me for I know you gave a lot to me, and you lost much more.

How can I not love you I wont be able to find a woman who is as willing to give so much for me.

Dont worry, your worries wont happen.

I wont abandon you.”

He Zhengbai smiled and said, “Look, arent we going to collect our marriage certificates now If not for your worries, we would probably be reaching the Civil Affairs Bureau by now.”

Lu Qi then smiled as her tears continued to fall.

He Zhengbai wiped her tears away and then set off.

The two of them were very quick.

After collecting their marriage certificates, they instantly came back to show Xia Qingyang.


I will take this into account and can feel more assured.” Xia Qingyang said to He Zhengbai, “From now on, Qi Qi will be in your care.

You… help me take good care of her.”

If Lu Man were here, she would definitely feel sentimental.

How familiar was this scene!

It was so similar to the scene she witnessed after she was released from jail in her past life.

It was also of He Zhengbai and Lu Qi coming to see their parents after collecting their marriage certificates.

Just that in her past life, Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were both present.

Xia Qingyang had even maintained her considerate and gentle pretense.

The instructions to take good care of Lu Qi were said by Lu Qiyuan.

In her past life, He Zhengbai willingly married Lu Qi, and it was naturally also because of the Lu familys assets.

But at least, they were all exuberant about it.

But now, the same words, the same scenario, He Zhengbai and Lu Qi were sitting side by side together and opposite Xia Qingyang.

But there was no Lu Qiyuan at this moment.

He Zhengbai had also been threatened by Xia Qingyang and forced to marry Lu Qi.

And Lu Qiyuans assets no longer had anything to do with Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyang also asked He Zhengbai to take good care of Lu Qi while she cried.

It was still the same issue, brought forward much earlier, but the mentality and details in this had actually changed very dramatically.

“Mom, rest assured,” He Zhengbai said.

“I will definitely take good care of Qi Qi.

You… you have to take care of your health in there too.

Our family will make proper arrangements for you in there.

Lawyer Huang said that as long as your behavior is good, basically, you can always be released earlier.”

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