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Chapter 2221: Its All Because of Me

Xia Qingyang nodded.

“Qi Qi, after this… I wont be able to see you for six years.

If you have time, please come and see me often.

Let me know that youre doing well.

Dont forget me, alright”

“Mom, I will definitely go and visit you often.

You must take good care of yourself too while youre in there.

Dont fight with other people, dont quarrel with them.

If someone snatches your things, just let them go.

When I visit you, I will bring more things for you.

Id already asked Zhengbai to find people with connections.

“In prison, the criminals have their own job posts too.

Some are in charge of cleaning, some help out in the medical room, and there are all sorts of job posts.

I will ask Zhengbai to do his best to arrange for the easiest job for you, along with a private room, so you could avoid contact with other people and not clash with them as much as possible.

Things will be fine then.

Money is needed in there too, so I will go over often to give you money.”

Xia Qingyang nodded.


She just kept staring at Lu Qi, unable to bear taking her eyes off her.

She treasured the dwindling hours of freedom she had to an extreme.

In the future, she would not have such a chance anymore.

“You both… If you both have children, dont tell the child that Grandmother is in jail.

Just say… say that Grandmother is in another part of the country, or overseas.

When I come out, I will go and visit him,” Xia Qingyang said as she cried.

Lu Qi cried a bit and could not help but run over to sit beside Xia Qingyang and hug her tightly.

He Zhengbai stared at the two of them nervously.

He was deeply afraid that Lu Qis heart might soften and shed not let Xia Qingyang go and take the rap anymore.

Theyd finally managed to pacify Xia Qingyang; things could not be upturned again.

“Mom, you must perform well inside, dont fight with other people.

Protect yourself well, and try your best to request to be released early.” Lu Qi cried and said, “Mom, I… I cant bear to part with you…”

This time, Lu Qi was really crying from her heart.

Because after Xia Qingyang went in, there would be no one outside whod treat her sincerely.

Its true that Xia Qingyangs personality was a little uncouth and she was a little dumb as well, always making mistakes.

But she did everything for Lu Qis sake and stood up for her, implicating herself in the end.

Lu Qi knew all along in her heart that the only person who sincerely treated her well in this world was Xia Qingyang.

Its true that today, she acted together with He Zhengbai and set up this whole scene to instigate Xia Qingyang into voluntarily jumping into this trap.

But this was also based on the premise that Xia Qingyang cared about her.

When Xia Qingyang really took the bait and wanted to replace Lu Qi…

Lu Qi really felt stunned.

Up until then, all Xia Qingyang thought about was whether Lu Qi would live well or not, and she did her best to make plans for her.

Lu Qi really had that little sliver of regret in her heart and did not want to let Xia Qingyang go and take the rap anymore.

She cried as she stared at Xia Qingyangs face.

She realized that Xia Qingyang was really getting old.

Previously, Lu Qi had been very annoyed with Xia Qingyang, so there were many times when she did not even want to look at her squarely in the face.

Hence, she did not even realize that Xia Qingyangs face had already aged so much.

“Mom, Im sorry, Im sorry…” Lu Qi cried as she spoke.

“This is all because of me, its all because of me… Mom…”

When she agreed to set up Xia Qingyang with He Zhengbai before, she had not felt like this.

She only felt that throwing off a burden like Xia Qingyang would be pretty good too.

But she really, truly realized now that when even Xia Qingyang was not around, then she would really be the only one left.

There would not even be a single person who could help her, even if that person caused more trouble than help.

When Xia Qingyang was around, she at least knew that she always had someone who had her back.

No matter when, there would always be someone standing by her side and supporting her unconditionally.

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