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Chapter 2236: Youve Got No Conscience

He Zhengbai sneered, “Lu Qi.”

Lu Qi sniffed in return.

He used to call her “Qi Qi” endearingly, and now, he only calls her “Lu Qi.”

He Zhengbai continued only to say, “Ive seen the problems youve caused your dad.

You dare even swindle your own father.

I have to prevent you from coveting my properties after our marriage.”

“He Zhengbai!” Lu Qi shouted in disbelief.

“Are you still human! Youre talking to me about this now

“Didnt you take my dads money too” Lu Qi glared so hard, the whites of her eyes appeared far larger than her pupils.

“How much did I give you from my dads assets More than enough to repay the dowry! And now, youre calculating every penny of it Afraid Id take advantage of you” Lu Qi laughed in anger.

“Think about it, He Zhengbai.

Apart from a piece of certificate, what did my marrying you give me”

“My moms in jail for us, isnt that big enough for a bride price If it wasnt for Mom, itll be the three of us in jail now! You couldnt have escaped it either! Not even the He family could have protected you!

“But youre talking to me about dowry Youve taken so much of Dads assets.

If it werent for you, would I have been abandoned by my dad and left with no one supporting me Im in such a poor state now, and youre scolding me to my face, scared Im taking advantage of you, and scorning me for having no dowry” Lu Qi flung her hand hard.

“He Zhengbai, I did this all for you!

“But you despise me now, youve got no conscience!”

He Zhengbai sneered.

“As long as your mom was taking the rap for you, she had to do it for me too.

Dont say that as if youve done it all for me.

Wasnt it all for yourself If youd left me behind, how could I have let you off

“Whats more, you participated in this too.

You dragged your mother down, and you have the gall to criticize me Dont paint yourself as a selfless saint who sacrificed for me, I cant accept it!

“Did I force you to give me your dads wealth” he said, continuing with his jabs.

“If I remember correctly, its your and your moms idea.

But you both are useless and have no idea how to proceed, so you approached me.

“I very well couldnt help you for free, could I Theres risk in helping you.” He Zhengbai scoffed.

“What you gave me is not because of love, its my compensation.

Did you expect the He family to help you for free Dream on!”

Lu Qi shook from anger.

“He Zhengbai! Are you showing your true colors now that my moms in jail and youre free!”

He didnt bother looking at her.

“Think whatever you want.”

“He Zhengbai, you jerk!” Lu Qi shouted.

“I sacrificed so much for you! You ingrate!”

“Stop using the godd*mn same lines on me!” He Zhengbai roared back.

“As if youve been so badly wronged.

I did nothing wrong to you.

If theres really an ingrate here, its you and not me.

“Stealing your dads money and landing your mom in jail.

Who can top what youve done!” He Zhengbai peered disdainfully at her.

“You say youve got no support and I can bully you any way I want Let me tell you, thats a yes!

“But you caused all of these yourself.

You originally had doting parents, but you made them drift away from you.

Who can you blame If you hadnt stolen your dads money, hed still be backing you now.”

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