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Chapter 2243: Cause Intense Discomfort to the Audience

Then, even if she and Han Zhuoling stayed in the same room, there would be no impact.

The next morning, it was the usual filming routine.

Shi Xiaoya woke up early and put on makeup for herself before she put on makeup for Han Zhuoling.

No makeup artists tried to come over to him.

That would be a joke.

His girlfriend was a makeup artist, so would he need someone else

As long as Han Zhuoling was around, he did not need other makeup artists to be assigned to him.

This was tacitly understood by the production team long ago.

When the filming officially started, everyone first drew lots indoors for their teams.

In the end, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling got assigned to two separate teams.

Han Zhuolings team had Zhang Shuidong, Lin Yantao, Zhang Jian, Cheng He, and Ni Xue.

Shi Xiaoyas team had Liu Chuanhui, Cao Jingcheng, Zhang Xiangyou, Lan Jiexin, and Peng Zhen.

In Survivor, female guests did not win new fans very easily, actually.

Because they lacked in many aspects concerning physical fitness and endurance.

Especially in rounds that were in the wild outdoors, they appeared a little delicate and spoiled to the viewers.

For some rounds that required a battle of wits and guts, they would keep using their weaknesses to coquettishly ask the other party to spare them.

This really made the audience dislike them.

Shi Xiaoya entered the show based on her abilities.

Besides the added support from Han Zhuolings fans, it was also because Shi Xiaoya lost very readily even though there were times when her fitness could not keep up.

If she lost, she lost.

She would never plead for mercy and would not use her gender to ask the male guests to protect her or anything.

Of course, besides asking Han Zhuoling to protect her.

Asking her boyfriend to protect her was such a normal thing.

Shi Xiaoyas performance was quite positive, so the audience quite liked her.

It was the same for Lan Jiexin and Peng Zhen.

Lan Jiexin came from a martial arts celebrity background to begin with.

Her personality was also one of a loud, tough female who could bear hard work and suffering.

She never held back her male teammates whenever she was with them.

When she was with female teammates, all kinds of difficult and tiring work were all done by her.

That really drew a wave of fans for her.

In Greedy Wolf Operation, which was directed by Sun Yiwu previously, the character that Lu Man acted was supposed to have been acted by Lan Jiexin originally.

But Lan Jiexin had had no choice but to withdraw from the role because of her injury, so she missed that initial chance to boost her popularity.

But a loss might actually lead to another gain.

Because on this show, Lan Jiexin attracted another wave of fans.

Same for Peng Zhen.

Although she was a cute little lady, she was in the comedy line of work.

She was loud and not bothered by trifles, had high EQ and swift reaction, and was a humorous person.

She was not as strong physically as Lan Jiexin, but at least she was willing to give everything a try and really made the audience like her too.

Shi Xiaoya, Lan Jiexin, and Peng Zhen were people with three different personalities, so they would not clash.

Then theres Ni Xue, who lost some of her popularity after she clashed against Lu Man back then.

After she shot a few dramas, with her pretty good image, her past was kind of whitewashed.

But after she participated in a few episodes in the past, the audiences reaction to her was not that good.

She walked in a gentle and elegant style, which was very unsuitable for this show, and she especially liked to act coy with male guests.

She did not have much abilities on her own and passed the rounds all the time by clinging on to others for help and cheering on male guests behind with a cutesy tone.

That caused intense discomfort to the audience.

So during the polls, there were really not a lot of audience members who voted for her.

Most of her votes were pulled up by her fans.

But even so, that was not enough to push her into the top 12.

But she had her sponsor.

That person also looked for people to buy votes, so her votes went up.

No one fought it out with her because she was at the bottom of the list for this 12-guest ranking.

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