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Chapter 2249: Zero Points

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There was no time to say anything more as they were about to continue filming again.

Who knew if it was because Shi Xiaoyas and Lan Jiexins encouragement worked, but Peng Zhen indeed let loose a little more and talked a little more humorously, making the atmosphere become more friendly and interesting.

After the filming for todays last mission round was done, everyone was led by the production team to the mountains nearby.

Both sides of the path were filled with pretty tropical plants, which was completely different from the North.

Although it was not her first time seeing them, every time she saw them, she would feel that they were very pretty, as if this was a different world from the B City she usually lived in.

This mountain was filled with holiday villas, so the scenery was very nice.

Thats why the roads and other infrastructure on the way there were developed very properly as well.

The mountain was not very high.

After a few rounds of circling the mountain roads, they reached their destination.

When they looked down below, the view of the sea greeted their eyes.

“This is the accommodation weve arranged for everyone for tonight,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Although today was a team competition, even within each team, there are people who earned a lot of points for their team and people who earned little,” Chi Xingrui explained.

“So for the choosing of rooms tonight, we will arrange it going by the highest to the lowest score.

“The person with the highest number of points has the right to choose his or her room first,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Now, let me announce the points each person had scored for their team.”

“Han Zhuoling, six points.

There were a total of three competitions.

The full score for each competition was two points, thats why he had a total of six points.”

“Cao Jingcheng, five points.”

“Zhang Jian, five points.”

“Zhang Xiangyou, four points.”

“Lin Yantao and Lan Jiexin, three points each.”

“Zhang Shuidong and Liu Chuanhui, two points each.”

“Peng Zhen, one point.”

“Shi Xiaoya, one point.”

“Ni Xue, zero points.”

The moment they heard Ni Xues score, everyone knew the reason for it.

During the missions, Ni Xue only cared about acting cute and being coy.

How would she get any points

She probably did not expect either that the accommodation arrangement would actually be linked to her contribution to the team.

As it was a team competition, the production team wanted to use this method to show that everyone was a part of the team.

Indeed, Lu Dongliu was heard saying, “Everyone is a part of the team.

They did their best to win points for the team they are in and did not just rely on one or a few people in the team to win points while they themselves did not do anything.

“The spirit of a team competition gets lost when its like that.

Team spirit isnt just in our competition or our show.

It exists in life and in various aspects of work,” Lu Dongliu said.

“We do this also to spread the message of team spirit out.

“When working in a team, each of us is very important.

Perhaps our abilities might not meet the target requirement, but as long as we try our best, even if we did not get any points ourselves, as long as we can help our team and our teammates win points, that is also a form of victory.

“Working together as a team is not slacking.

Its not that it will be okay as long as there are other capable people tanking the work, so youll just muddle along without doing anything.

When working as a team, everyone has their own job to finish.

Even if they are just going to be a tiny screw, they will also need to do their part to contribute to the team.”

Hearing Lu Donglius words, why did it sound as if he was talking about Ni Xue

Everyone took their scores.

Even Shi Xiaoya and Peng Zhen, both ladies who were weak physically, each got one point.

Only Ni Xue got zero.

As to why she got zero, everyone knew very well.

The whole time, she was only saying, “Young Master Ling, you can do it!”

“Young Master Ling, you are so amazing!”

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