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Chapter 2250: Know How to Play

“I cant, I cant!”

“Aiya, I cant!”

Besides being a burden, she was just cheering on Han Zhuoling.

Who else would not understand

Everyone could not help but look at Ni Xue.

Ni Xues face reddened.

They were still filming the show!

Lu Donglius words were clearly meant to get more views and attention for the show, reacting to the calls for a new generation of policy towards variety shows nowadays.

These attention-grabbing words would definitely be aired.

Then wouldnt the audience also be able to tell that Lu Dongliu was talking about her

Before the camera panned to her, Ni Xues expression instantly darkened and she stared coldly at Lu Dongliu.

What vengeance and grievance did he have for him to say it so openly like this!

But none of the others pitied her at all, and no one cared about how she felt.

Peng Zhen secretly raised her thumb and said to Shi Xiaoya and Lan Jiexin, who were standing beside her, “No wonder the show can go viral and become so popular.

It even aired so smoothly without being asked to stop broadcast or correct anything.”

Because there were more new regulations this year, quite a few shows that aired at the same time as theirs had had to temporarily stop airing, due to requests that they should not just be comedic but also impart proper guidance.

Theyd had to add segments with meaningful lessons and proper guidance.

They had to go even deeper beyond just creating entertainment.

Many shows fell short on this point.

They needed to be educational but also entertaining.

By themselves, these were two very difficult things to integrate.

But Lu Dongliu did it very well.

“Director Lu really knows how to play.” Lan Jiexin nodded.

“He just inserted such a line to achieve the theme, but for the rest of the time, its still the content that the audience loves.”

“Now, then, lets begin with the choosing of rooms,” Chi Xingrui said.

“The guests with higher points also have one more right, which is that they can choose one person among those with lower points to be their roommates.

That is, they could have the other party share a room with them.

“Of course, you cannot choose anyone but then have a room to yourself,” Chi Xingrui said.

“If, in the end, there are no more empty rooms left for the guests with low points, they will receive a punishment from the production team.”

Lu Dongliu laughed and added, “Actually, this is also considered a different form of mission segment.

The crux of this segment is teamwork.”

And there was one point which Lu Dongliu did not say, which was that the time to test each persons relations with other people had come.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya naturally did not need to worry.

Han Zhuoling had the highest points right now.

After he chose a room, he would definitely choose to stay together with Shi Xiaoya.

As for the others, they might not be very good friends outside the show, but at least during the filming period, their relations were all pretty good.

Everyone had filmed a few episodes with each other before.

They got along quite well and did not need to worry.

Then theres Ni Xue, whod irked everyone else because of her actions previously.

Although they would not say anything on the surface and would still laugh and chat happily when filming the show, it was really hard to say if anyone would choose her in the end.

The original eight-men and four-women team actually would not have anyone being left out.

But Han Zhuoling would definitely choose Shi Xiaoya, so in this way, there would surely be one man and one woman being left out.

Besides Han Zhuoling, the rest of the male guests would definitely not choose to share a room with a female guest.

Then, there would definitely be one female guest who would be left alone.

In this way, Ni Xue would be in a very precarious situation.

Ni Xue then looked to Lan Jiexin.

She was the one with the highest points among the female guests.

Lan Jiexin pretended not to see Ni Xues gaze and continued chatting happily with Peng Zhen.

Chi Xingrui said at this moment, “Now, lets invite the guest with the highest points, Han Zhuoling, to come and choose a room.”

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