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Chapter 2260: Young Master Lings Beginners Tutorial Experience

She did not know of the production teams plans yet.

Although Han Zhuoling went in, he did not do anything this time, and the two of them were done showering very quickly.

Although there were no cameras in the bathroom, there were some outside, so he was worried that the sound could be heard.

And if they took a long time, it would easily make peoples imaginations run wild.

No matter how much he wanted it, he was not urgently in need of it in this moment.

He still had to spare a thought for Shi Xiaoyas face.

So the two of them very quickly tidied up and went to gather with the other guests.

The production team did not need to think of a games segment for them.

Zhang Jian, Zhang Xiangyou, Cao Jingcheng, these people all loved to play.

Even Liu Chuanhui and Lin Jingyan, those seniors, as long as it was not a physical activity, they were pretty spontaneous.

So after everyone had dinner, they started playing a few games together.

Zhang Xiangyou suddenly asked, “Xiao He, youre good at PUBG.

Then what about Honor of Kings”

“Average,” Cheng He said.

“PUBG relies quite a lot on luck.

If youre unlucky, even a gamer god can get eliminated.

As for Honor of Kings, I played League of Legends before, but it seems a little different from mobile games.

I tried it a few times before, but I wasnt very used to the game controls on my mobile phone.

But after I got used to it, I was pretty okay.”

“Then lets play two rounds.” Zhang Xiangyou instantly got his spirits up and said, “I still believe that a professional gamer god will be very impressive no matter what game he plays.”

“Come, come, Im in too,” Zhang Jian said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Cao Jingcheng also played this and asked, “Xiaoya, do you play this”

“Yeah, but Im too much of a noob at it,” Shi Xiaoya said, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Dont worry, Ill ask Xiao He to pull you along,” Lin Jingyan said.

Whod have guessed that Lin Jingyan played that as well

The people who did not know how to play were Zhang Shuidong, Liu Chuanhui, and Han Zhuoling.

Cao Jingcheng said jokingly, “Brother Zhang, Brother Liu, the two of you cant be like this.

Youre both clearly around the same age as Brother Lin.

Even brother Lin keeps up with the trends.

The two of you are falling behind.”

How sly of an old fox Liu Chuanhui was.

The moment he heard that, he said cheekily, “The two of us indeed are not keeping up with the trends very well.

But Young Master Ling is younger than us, yet he doesnt know how to play either.

You cant say such things that imply Young Master Ling is old and cant keep up with the trends.”

Cao Jingcheng: “…”

He was a sly old fox indeed!

Han Zhuoling did not mind hearing any other things, but he just could not stand others saying that he was old.

“What kind of game is Honor of Kings I will try it too,” Han Zhuoling said.

He tilted his chin up a little and continued, “Im quite fast at learning things.

I also got the hang of PUBG after learning how to play it.”

Shi Xiaoya then downloaded the game for Han Zhuoling.

After the game was downloaded, Han Zhuoling wanted to join them eagerly.

“You cant,” Shi Xiaoya said, feeling bad for him.

“Our status is different, so we cant pull you along.

And you still have to go through a beginners tutorial.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“So that means you all will be chummily competing for the rankings while I stay behind alone to go through the beginners tutorial by myself” Han Zhuoling said, raising his eyebrow.

The others: “…”

They could not tell that Han Zhuoling was actually quite a jealous person!

Whats wrong with them playing a game together

He became so jealous when they were just going to play a game!

The people present had all been through the PUBG session previously.

So they were not too surprised.

Cao Jingcheng said, “Arent there eight of us This game is played in teams of four.

Four of us can play first, and the rest can wait for you.”

“Why should we still split into two groups, then” Zhang Jian said.

“We can wait together, and we can also take a look at Young Master Lings beginners tutorial experience.”

Everyone instantly understood Zhang Jians point.

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