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He really could not understand.

If he had such a daughter, she would feel proud and confident even when walking out on the streets.

Lu Qiyuans younger daughters reputation has been utterly terrible recently, and now that his elder daughter was finally this successful and was living up to expectations, why was he still so unhappy

Was there a hole in his brain

At that moment, on the stage, Wei Zilin held an envelope in his hands.

“Now, well be announcing the winner of the Best Newcomer Award.”

Right now, Xia Mengxuan couldnt care less about fighting.

Her beady pair of eyes were staring intensely at the envelope in Wei Zilins hands as if even from such a far distance away she could see the name inside.

It all depended on the results lying in Wei Zilins hands!

If she could win the Best Newcomer Award, then even if Lu Man was nominated too, so what

In the end, wouldnt Lu Man still lose to her

Finally, she could still prove that she was better than Lu Man!

And that everyone in this company was all wrong about her!

Everyone else was also anticipating nervously, holding their breaths unconsciously.

Unlike Xia Mengxuan, all of them sincerely wished for Lu Man to win the award so that they give Xia Mengxuan a reality check and a good slap in the face.

Only Lu Qiyuan still could not believe that Lu Man would win.

So what if she was nominated Ultimately she still wasnt as outstanding as Lu Qi!

Everyone watched as Wei Zilin tore the envelope open, taking the card out where the results were written on, “The winner of this years Best Newcomer Award is… Han Corporations Public Relations Department.”

Xia Mengxuan subconsciously leaned forward, as if she any moment now she would dash up onto the stage.

For a few seconds, everyone held their breaths nervously.

Wei Zilin raised his head, smiling slightly, “Lu Man!”

Xia Mengxuans face turned white instantly.

She slumped back against her seat; her face weary and exhausted.

How could it be Lu Man!

Applause thundered from everywhere.

Much to her surprise, Lu Man herself did not expect that she could win either.

She was in a daze amongst the applause.

Right then and there, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man up and stuffed her straight into his arms, hugging her.


In their excitement of Lu Mans win, the crowd who saw this did not find this strange either.

Hugging each other to celebrate was honestly too normal.

“Man Man, good job! I just knew it.

You are the best,” Han Zhuoli spoke into her ear.

He could not hide his happiness and pride, his deep and dark black eyes glistened and shone even more.

Lu Man finally came back to her senses and was released by Han Zhuoli.

She still looked at him excitedly, unable to hide her feelings.

Just now, in front of so many people, he had actually hugged her.

Blushing furiously, Lu Man grinned brightly at Han Zhuoli.

“Go on,” Han Zhuoli said gently.

Amidst the loud cheers and thunderous applause, Lu Man was slightly drowning in Han Zhuolis gentle gaze.

She walked forward, step by step.

Every step, every footprint, they were all carried traces of Han Zhuoli.

Every step towards her success was because of Han Zhuolis help.

Without this man, she wouldnt have been able to walk so far till this point now.

Yet this man was only silently helping her from the sideline, never asking for credit.

Every time she succeeded, he would always look at her with pride and satisfaction, as if all of this was because of her own hard work and had nothing to do with him at all.

He never needed her to remember or be grateful.

He never spoke about his power and status.

Also, he was never smug or conceited because of that and neither did he ever praise and boast himself in front of her.

He had always just stood there just like that, pushing her to greater heights and protecting her from below, preventing her from falling.

Until she finally got her footing and returned to his side.

At that moment, Lu Man looked at Han Zhuolis tall figure standing there elegantly, smiling at her gently.

His peaceful and steady gaze made her heart feel peaceful and steady too.

Suddenly, she wasnt nervous or emotional.

She only thought about getting up on stage as quickly as possible to receive the award, so that she can immediately return to his side.

Lu Man smiled at Han Zhuoli, then turned towards the others from the Public Relations Department for a hug.

The men were all very gentlemanly, they did not get too close and hugged her with a slight distance between them.

When she walked past Xia Mengxuan, she saw that Xia Mengxuan was still slumped in her chair limply, her face paralyzed and her face filled with defeat.


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