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Chapter 2256: Did Not Even Know That She Got a Good Deal

Ni Xue suspected in her heart, was Lu Dongliu really that easygoing

Indeed, right after that, she heard Lu Dongliu say, “But if you do this, our show cant continue filming.

In that case, Im sorry, but I can only remove all the scenes that you have already shot previously.

I cant let the audience think that our show is a joke.

“This is a segment that was agreed-on, after all, yet it could be adjusted just because a guest was not happy.

“Our show still has to shoot for Season 2, Season 3, and so on,” Lu Dongliu said.

“If you break the rules now, in the future, we wont be able to explain ourselves to other guests.

People who are of higher celebrity status than you can also come and tell us, even Ni Xue can change the rules, why cant I

“You have your own difficulties, and I have mine,” Lu Dongliu said.

“We should be understanding of each other, actually.

You came to join our show, and the terms have already been written down in the contract in black and white.

You have to cooperate with our various segments.

As long as we are not going overboard with our requests, you have to cooperate with us.

“Is our penalty request going too far Does it endanger your wellbeing, harm your health, endanger your personal safety, or ruin your reputation None of these apply.

We are just asking you to sleep in a tent and eat a little more simply.

“All variety shows need to have special effects.

It just so happens that the effect for this episode lies with you.

And this is a special episode.

It draws on the popularity accumulated over the past several episodes of the show.

I can promise you, the viewership ratings for this episode will be especially high,” Lu Dongliu said.

“As the only member being punished in this episode, you will have many more scenes.

Have you thought of that”

Lu Dongliu even spoke about this already, so Ni Xue finally understood.

“Whether you want to continue filming or you want to leave, you can decide,” Lu Dongliu said coldly.

“Director Lu, I was immature and misunderstood the production teams intentions.” Ni Xue immediately bowed down and lowered her stance.

“Many thanks for cooperating.” Lu Dongliu left after saying that.

That director saw that Ni Xue was finally willing to cooperate and had also accepted the conditions.

The follow director did not dare to stay for much longer, afraid that Ni Xue would suddenly change her mind and would want to continue pestering.

The follow director quickly chased after Lu Dongliu to leave.

Lu Dongliu felt tired in his heart right now.

Why did he have to meet a few pea-brains in every episode

If he did not make things clear, they would not be able to understand it.

If it was a smart person, even if he suffered a little, he would still be happy to do it.

But Ni Xue did not even know that she got a good deal.

Just wait.

Ni Xues EQ was like that.

After this episode aired, she would really have a lot to deal with.

Who knew how badly she would be bashed by the audience

Lu Dongliu stroked his chin and thought for a while before he quickly called Chi Xingrui over.

“I have an idea,” Lu Dongliu said to him.

Chi Xingrui waited for Lu Dongliu to continue speaking.

Lu Dongliu then said, “For our special episode, lets broadcast two versions.

One version will be for the television station and online streaming.

The other will be an extended version.”

“Wont this be the same format as that of other variety shows They split theirs into a usual version and one members exclusive version, wherein the members exclusive version included more scenes that had been edited out by the television station,” Chi Xingrui said, feeling puzzled.

This could not have been the thing that made Lu Dongliu so excited.

Indeed, Lu Dongliu said, “Im not talking about that kind.

Im talking about the real and complete version.

“For the content that we film, besides some longwinded and unnecessary scenes to be cut, the rest of it will not have a single scene cut at all,” Lu Dongliu said, “no matter whether its the guests minor interactions with each other or our production team discussing issues.

Most importantly, all the scenes showing the uncooperative behavior that Ni Xue had displayed today, we will not cut any of those out.”

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