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Chapter 2265: My Familys All Like This

Completely innocent, Shi Xiaoya quickly waved her hands in denial.

“Nope! I dont know about these tests myself.

I got all three questions wrong just now.

How could I have tested him”

Whod dare to give Han Zhuoling such tests

Its only possible on a TV show.

If this was in private, shed be utterly dominated by Han Zhuoling.

Where would she get the courage to give Han Zhuoling tests on his desire to survive

Its more plausible if they said Han Zhuoling gave her such quizzes.

“No,” Han Zhuoling said.

“How can this be called a test on your desire to live Isnt this what youre supposed to do”

Everyone was stunned.

Shi Xiaoya really knew how to train him, eh

Its beyond impressive, managing to mold the mighty Young Master Han until she got this specimen!

If Shi Xiaoya didnt teach him, then wasnt Han Zhuoling a bit too self-aware

That level of enlightenment was unbelievable!

“Cough!” Cao Jingcheng questioned Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, is this how you guys are like usually”

Shi Xiaoya replied shyly, “Im surprised by Zhuolings answers too.

But when I think about it, I realize thats what he always does.

“Ever since we started dating, weve never fought before.

No matter what I request, hell agree.

No matter what I encounter, hell think ahead for me, even with stuff Ive never considered before.”

As Shi Xiaoya mused, she realized Han Zhuoling did so much for her that she couldnt state them all at once.

And so she chose the question just now as an example.

“Plus, he never drank when meeting clients, much less with female colleagues.

Apart from his family and me, he wouldnt look at another woman, much less send them home.

“As for crayfish…” Shi Xiaoya couldnt help smiling sweetly.

“If I ate with him, he wouldnt let me peel it.”

“I remember, I remember,” Lan Jiexin said.

“Before you both announced your relationship, you posted a bunch of crayfish photos, and Young Master Ling posted one not long after.

Were both of you together then”

“We werent official yet back then…” Shi Xiaoya blushed.

“We liked each other, I guess But we did dine together then, and he shelled the crayfish for me.

He wouldnt let me use my hands.

“And this is only based on the three questions just now.

There are many other instances I cant even start counting.” Shi Xiaoya continued, embarrassed, “Actually, Im the one needing improvement.

Zhuoling has done a lot for me, and because its my first relationship, and he did so well, Im so used to how good he is that I took it for granted and treated it as something normal, like everyones the same when dating.

“Now, I realize its not.

I got none correct for the test just now.

But I realize Zhuoling not only got them right but hes been doing such things all this while.

On the other hand, Ive been neglecting him and realizing it only now.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and shook her head, feeling guilty.

“I just feel that Im doing particularly bad.”

Han Zhuoling said naturally, “Isnt this natural No matter whether were dating or married, it should be like this.”

Everybody: “…”

“Oh, stop it, Young Master Ling.

The more you speak, the more likely the audience watching will end up arguing with their partners.

Precious few can do as you do,” Lin Yantao said.

Han Zhuolings face screamed “impossible.” “All my family members are like this.”

Everybody: “…”

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