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Chapter 2266: Pick On

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Was the Han Family filled with ridiculous people!

Chi Xingrui quickly brought back the shows program flow and said, “Now then, we will announce the correct answer.”

“The clues you found include flowers, a ring, an invitation card, and a dress.

These are all gifts for a female partner, used to invite the other party to accompany him to attend a banquet,” Chi Xingrui said.

“So, Zhang Shuidong, Zhang Xiangyou, Han Zhuoling, the three of you have answered correctly,” Chi Xingrui said.

“The female guests have the right to reject the male guests invitation and choose the person they want to go with.

If the other person also rejects them, then the female guest will be eliminated or accept someone elses invitation,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Lets invite Young Master Ling to go first.”

On Han Zhuolings side, there was not much of a suspense.

He would definitely invite Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya would definitely not reject him either.

Indeed, Han Zhuoling walked up to Shi Xiaoya and gave the flowers to her.

After Shi Xiaoya took them, Han Zhuoling gentlemanly bowed at her and lifted her hand to kiss it.

“Miss Shi, are you willing to be my dance partner tonight” Han Zhuoling asked.

Shi Xiaoya also curtsied at him, smiling as she said, “I am very willing.”

“There are still three female guests left, including Ni Xue and Peng Zhen, who are in thedisqualified area,” Chi Xingrui said.

“I forgot to mention just now that the female guests have another advantage in this segment.

“They have one chance to revive.

Meaning that even if they are in thedisqualified area, if one male guest chooses her, she can still revive.”

Everyone understood it very quickly.

And because Lan Jiexin also had a clue in her hands, she could choose a male guest in thedisqualified area.

In this way, the remaining two male guests with a clue in their hands could each choose Ni Xue and Peng Zhen, who were also in that area.

Ni Xue had thought it through pretty well and already planned it out for Lan Jiexin.

She then asked Chi Xingrui, “Can Lan Jiexin choose a male guest in thedisqualified area”

“No,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Thats why I said that this is a special advantage that female guests have.

Its precisely because only female guests have it but male guests dont that its called an advantage.”

“The production team is stirring things up, eh” Cao Jingcheng said while smiling.

“This means that we can only choose between Ni Xue and Peng Zhen”

Ni Xues face fell.

She had every reason to suspect that the production team actually sent the script out to the male guests long ago and decided that only three male guests would be left at the end.

In this way, out of four female guests, there must be one who was left behind.

As to who would be left behind, wasnt it obvious

Ni Xue also had a feeling that she seemed to have been ostracized by the others.

If they had to choose between her and Peng Zhen, they would definitely choose Peng Zhen.

Ni Xue was feeling really wronged and aggrieved in her heart.

She really did not know why they had to pick on her like this.

On the male guests side, Zhang Shuidong and Zhang Xiangyou were still left.

“Just now, it was the male guests who came to choose.

Lets now invite the female guest to choose,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Lets invite Lan Jiexin to choose the male guest you want to invite.”

Lan Jiexin chose Zhang Shuidong and explained her reason, “Previously, Id already worked together with Teacher Zhang, but because of my injury, Id had no choice but to withdraw, so our working relationship ended then.

So this time, I want to use this chance to work together once again with Teacher Zhang.”

Lan Jiexin always gave a pretty good reason every time and would not make those who did not get chosen feel awkward.

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