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Chapter 2270: Simple Joys

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

All her feelings of being moved by him were dispelled by those two lines he said.

This man, why did he have so many tricks up his sleeve!

The people hiding in the corner were even more stunned.

What happened to the promised feeling of being moved

Wheres the iconic hug-and-kiss after proposing

Why werent there any of that

Then… then should they go out and clap

Everyone exchanged glances with the people beside them, feeling undecided.

Chi Xingrui pressed the mic in his ear and said softly, “Director Lu, Director Lu, what should we do now Do we go out or not”

“Go out, do it according to the original plan!” Lu Dongliu said.

“If we dont go out now, we will miss the chance.”

Whod have guessed Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya would not go with the plan!

Hence, Chi Xingrui gave a signal.

Shi Xiaoya suddenly heard a loud, enthusiastic round of applause.

From their left, right, back, and front, the applause sounded out from all directions.

At the same time that the applause sounded, Lu Dongliu brought everyone on the production team out, including the guests who were supposed to have left long ago but were still here.

They came out from all directions.

Some of them came out from the bushes while others came out from the corners of the walls.

Having hidden for so long, it had been hard on them too.

There were also videographers holding their cameras to film.

“Congratulations, Young Master Ling! Congratulations, Xiaoya!”


Everyone sent their well-wishes to them.

“Young Master Ling, when the time comes, you must definitely send us an invite,” Lu Dongliu said as he smiled.

Han Zhuoling also smiled and said.

“I will.”

His usually calm face could, at this rare moment, barely contain his excitement.

“Many thanks to everyone for this,” Han Zhuoling said, still smiling.

Lu Dongliu said, “We filmed the whole thing.

Afterward, we will edit it properly and send it to you both.”

With the most popular variety show production team in the country right now editing the video for them, be it the ones filming or doing the post-production edits, they were all top talents.

A video filmed and produced by them, the quality of it would be easy to imagine.

“You guys…” Shi Xiaoya stared at them in surprise.

Zhang Shuidong smiled and explained, “Young Master Ling told us beforehand that he will propose to you tonight.

We just didnt expect that Young Master Ling also had moments where he felt nervous.”

“Yeah, HAHAHA.

Tonight is really worth it for me.

I actually saw Young Master Ling being so nervous that he stammered,” Lin Yantao said as she smiled.

Anyway, there was not a hint of awkwardness evident in Han Zhuolings expression.

Exactly how nervous he was, only the people whod proposed before would know it themselves.

Shi Xiaoya totally did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually use this method and choose today to propose to her.

She once said that, actually, she did not really like those grand or large-scale proposals.

As long as it was meaningful, as long as it was novel, she would rather it be on a smaller scale, where it would be heartwarming and nice.

When she looked back on it afterward, she would not help but be all smiles and feel her heart being filled with warmth.

Han Zhuolings proposal actually fulfilled these points so well.

It was not that grand or exaggerated, not so eye-catching.

Many peoples proposals actually looked more like they were doing it for others to see.

Compared to that, wasnt it better if it was a little more meaningful

There were not many people who took part in the marriage proposal.

Only the guests and the people in the production team.

Aside from one individual, most of them witnessed and were a part of her and Han Zhuolings dating journey.

The two of them even publicly declared their relationship directly on the show, and it was aired directly on the television channel.

So, Han Zhuoling then chose to propose to Shi Xiaoya on this day when it was truly the last episode of the show.

Shi Xiaoya understood this, so she felt even more moved.

This kind of simple joy made her feel even more secure.

Han Zhuoling smiled and tilted his head sideways to look at Shi Xiaoya, his gaze looking so warm.

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