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Chapter 2272: Half a Step Through the Large Doors of Legality

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Han Zhuoling chuckled.

He lowered his head to find her lips and kissed them.

“I havent had the time to pick a wedding ring for myself.

After work tomorrow, we can go and pick one together.”

“Mm!” Shi Xiaoya nodded solemnly.

Shi Xiaoya could already feel unbelievably happy just thinking about it, without Han Zhuoling even saying anything.

Who knew what she thought of, but she suddenly started laughing foolishly.

She lifted up her legs, dangling them in mid-air while burying her face in Han Zhuolings arms and nudging him here and there.

Han Zhuolings chest felt a little ticklish from her nudging, and this together with her breaths made Han Zhuoling unable to help but laugh.

“What are you thinking about like a silly girl on your own Youre even laughing foolishly.” Han Zhuoling did not know at all how foolishly he was laughing right now.

If this happened in the past, how would he ask such a question

Yet now that hed asked that, he sounded like a man in love with a reduced IQ, and he even had the cheek to say that Shi Xiaoya was being silly.

“I was just thinking, I am your fiancee now, right” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling had not thought of this before.

He was just very happy that Shi Xiaoya accepted his marriage proposal.

Now that Shi Xiaoya had reminded him, he instnatly noticed that it was indeed true!

Han Zhuoling also started laughing like a fool.

Such a cold and arrogant man suddenly became an arrogant fool.

“Yes, I am your fiance now.”

Shi Xiaoya squealed “eeped” in excitement and buried her face in Han Zhuolings chest and started nudging him again.

The two of them rushed back to B City through the night.

When they reached home, it was already past 1 AM.

Han Zhuoling placed their luggage at the door.

Shi Xiaoya was planning to drag their luggage over to unpack them.

But Han Zhuoling just carried her up.

He hugged her around the waist with one hand and cupped the back of her head with another.

Shi Xiaoya was 1.65 meters tall, which was considered an average height among girls.

She was not considered short, but she was not tall to the point of giving many men pressure.

And among girls, this height was definitely not considered short.

But as long as she was in front of Han Zhuoling, she would seem especially small.

As she was carried by him, her legs could not even touch the floor.

Her toes only dangled a little lower than his knees.

Her legs dangled around.

In his arms, she was just like a doll.

Shi Xiaoya quickly hugged his neck.

Being carried up by him suddenly, she was afraid she would fall.

Subconsciously, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and kissed her lips without letting go.

From the successful marriage proposal until now, he had not properly hugged her or touched her.

Not because he did not want to, but because he couldnt find the right opportunity.

In the hotel, there were many people around.

On the plane, he felt it would be way too rushed.

Now that they were back home, he then felt that it was the right time.

As he kissed her like this, he carried her up the stairs as well.

He then put her down on the bed.

As Han Zhuoling placed his hands beside Shi Xiaoyas face, he suddenly chuckled.

Shi Xiaoya even felt puzzled, wondering what Han Zhuoling thought of that made him chuckle.

He was really being quite flirtatious.

However, Shi Xiaoya was also no longer the young lady back then who would blush whenever he casually flirted with her.

At least now, she could still hug Han Zhuoling around the neck and ask while laughing, “What did you think of thats so funny”

Han Zhuoling laughed as he said, “The two of us now, were considered half-legal while cohabiting, right We havent married before we started living together.

If this was in the past, it would be illegal cohabitation.

Now, we are finally considered half a step through the large doors of legality.”

Shi Xiaoya laughed heartily.

It still felt a little surreal now.

Her hands cupped around his neck and her soft fingertips drew circles on the skin on the back of it..

At the same time, she brushed against the tips of his hair.

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