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Chapter 2274: Want to Make You Become Mrs.

Han a Little Quicker

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That did not even feel so surreal, so unbelievable.

But only when they were really about to get married, when they were now engaged to each other, did she have such a feeling.

She felt awed that fate was so fascinating.

Han Zhuolings fingertips gently parted and tidied her hair to each side, revealing her clean and pretty face.

“Future Mrs.

Han,” Han Zhuoling called.

This new nickname made him laugh.

This laugh was thick with happiness.

He laughed until a boyish aura emanated from him.

It was different from his usual solemn and mature look.

At this moment, he actually looked a little like a bright little lad.

Through his laugh, Shi Xiaoya thought of how she had seen photos of him in senior high and in university.

Right now, he had the maturity of the present as well as the youthful look he had back then.

Shi Xiaoyas hands also shifted from the back of his neck to his face.

Her fingertips were soft as she slowly traced his eyebrows bit by bit.

She took the initiative to lift her head and kiss him on the lips.

“My future hubby.”

These words seemed to have triggered Han Zhuoling.

His breaths clearly got heavier for a moment.

When Shi Xiaoya fell back, he followed right after and forcefully kissed her.

He was really very forceful, as if he wanted to just suck her into his body.

He felt that nothing was enough.

No matter how intimately they touched, it would not be able to satisfy Han Zhuoling.

His palm pressed against her back, pushing her into his embrace.

That strength felt as if he was pushing her into his bones, wanting to completely integrate into one with her, not distinguishing between each other.

His other hand held Shi Xiaoyas hand.

His long and slender fingers slipped through the spaces between Shi Xiaoyas fingers bit by bit before interlocking with her fingers, grasping tightly.

“I want to make you become Mrs.

Han a little quicker.” Han Zhuolings lips pressed against hers.

As he said that, it was as if he wanted to push every word he said into her mouth.

Shi Xiaoya instantly kissed him back with initiative.

She thought the same.

He once had a Mrs.

Han, and thinking of that now felt a little depressing.

Afterward, he would have only her as the only Mrs.


As Shi Xiaoya thought of that, she kissed him even more fervently.

This man, from his body to his heart, all had to belong to her.

Without her saying anything, Han Zhuoling could also clearly feel the strong sense of possessiveness coming from her.

Han Zhuoling actually felt very happy.

He felt that it was better if Shi Xiaoyas possessiveness was even stronger.

It was as if the two of them were competing to see who was the more possessive.

They mustered all their strength to tear off each others clothes.

Even though Han Zhuoling became unusually aggressive tonight, Shi Xiaoya actually did not back down and cooperated with him.

Han Zhuoling even felt a little surprised that his little girl whose fitness was usually not good would actually have such high endurance tonight.

It made his excitement peak as well.

It didnt matter that Han Zhuoling was much older than Shi Xiaoya.

Actually, it was just that Shi Xiaoya was too young.

Ignoring the age gap between the two of them, actually, Han Zhuoling was at the best age for a straight man.

He did not have the impulsiveness of one in his twenties, and his strength, energy, and endurance were much better compared to one in his fourties.

Usually, it was really because Shi Xiaoyas fitness and endurance were way too weak.

Han Zhuoling had been reining it in all along, yet Shi Xiaoya still could not take it.

It was rare that Shi Xiaoya was so competent today, which made Han Zhuoling really excited.

He could no longer control it.

It was as if a beast had been let loose.

Shi Xiaoya only then discovered that Han Zhuoling was being nice to her usually.

She even thought that she would be able to withstand it if only because of this rush of excitement she felt tonight.

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