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Chapter 2278: Its Impressive Being This Quick!

Were all men so particular in this area

She naturally had no idea what other men thought.

But she felt that if even Han Zhuoling was like this, other men probably cared much more.

Shi Xiaoya immediately backed out.

“Youre going to be late for work! Did you forget Theres work today.”

“Ive worked so diligently for the past 20 years, especially the first 19.

The amount of OT Ive done is more than enough to make up for the next decades worth of work,” Han Zhuoling replied.

“So I think others will forgive me for being late today.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Did things work this way

Just as Shi Xiaoya was puzzling out his logic, Han Zhuoling seized the chance to enter her.

He made sure she was prepared as they were talking.

It was only because of the suddenness that Shi Xiaoya still got a shock.

And she clung to him like a koala in that instance.

Because of her surprise, she was tense all over.

Han Zhuoling froze.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She was stunned too.

Who knew…

No one expected it…

Shi Xiaoya stared dumbly at Han Zhuoling in surprise.

Han Zhuoling saw only two words on her expression: one-second guy.

As if Shi Xiaoya was saying, “You said you were going all out, so that means one second”

Han Zhuoling ground his teeth in anger.

If it wasnt for her sudden clamping up, he would have held it in!

Shi Xiaoyas speechlessness was written on her face.

She lightly tapped on his shoulder.

“Still impressive.”

Its impressive being this quick!

Seeing Han Zhuolings dark-as-thunderclouds expression made Shi Xiaoya stifle her laughter.

If she wasnt afraid of his revenge, shed have laughed out loud.

Han Zhuoling could still sense Shi Xiaoyas smugness despite her efforts.

She dared to pat him on the shoulder and mock him!

Han Zhuoling was really laughing in anger this time.

Shi Xiaoya was full of mirth now, feeling that Han Zhuolings dark expression was due to his masculinity problem, that it had nothing to do with her.

Failing to sense the approaching danger, she told him, “Quick, get up.

Theres work.”

The one word Han Zhuoling couldnt bear to hear right now was “quick.”

It was as if his brain had a keyword, and everything else apart from “quick” was filtered out.

Han Zhuoling dragged her back by the waist, explaining, “That was an accident.”

“Thats alright, I know.

I know the standards you have when holding back,” Shi Xiaoya comforted.

This definitely was an accident!

Wouldnt she know if Han Zhuoling was a one-second guy

According to him, she did not know his usual standard.

But his usual standards, being restraint or not, were impressive enough.

Though she did not have any comparison!

She really felt it was admirable.

Yet Shi Xiaoyas words did not comfort Han Zhuoling at all.

They sounded like mockery to him.

Han Zhuoling smiled coldly, rubbing on her.

Shi Xiaoya inhaled sharply.

Was this guy on drugs

“Alright, lets do it again.

Ill prove it to you this time,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya really wanted to reject him.

But she had no chance to.

Because the moment she opened her mouth, Han Zhuoling kissed her and started his movements below vigorously.


In the end, Shi Xiaoya was like a puddle of water, lying on the bed feeling as if half her life was gone.

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