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However, Lu Man did not know about the concern in these company leaders hearts.

After she received her award and got off her stage, she returned to her seat.

All her other colleagues started congratulating her one by one.

“Congratulations, Lu Man!” Sister Li genuinely felt happy for her and hugged Lu Man tightly, “Your hard work didnt go to waste.

Everyone here can see your ability and skill.

You completely deserve this award!”

“Lu Man, congratulations!” Chen Shimian, too, excitedly held Lu Mans hand tightly and shook it furiously.

Brother Zhang congratulated her too.

Awkwardness flash past Wu Lizes face for a moment, then he finally said to Lu Man, “Lu Man, congratulations.”

Lu Man returned a light, gentle smile.

When she went past Xia Mengxuans seat, she realized that Xia Mengxuan was surprisingly not there anymore.

Her seat was already empty.

Sister Li explained, “Just now, she left when you were receiving your award.

Dont worry about it, shes just being petty and cant stand to see anything good happening to you.”

Even Lu Man did not mind.

It was good that Xia Mengxuan wasnt around, there would be no one to rain on her parade too.

Returning back to her seat, she realized that Han Zhuoli was still standing there.

Just like the time he sent her off to the stage, he was wearing a grin on his face that made her heart feel calm and at ease right now.

Lu Mans confession just now had made Han Zhuolis heart to beat furiously, not slowing down even now.

The moment he saw a hint of pride in Lu Mans smile, a wave of pride surged in his heart.

This was his girlfriend.

Without any help, without receiving any special treatment, she could still be so outstanding on her own!

“Naughty,” Han Zhuoli said softly, smiling.

Confessing to him on such a large scale in front of so many people, it simply was too… too awesome!

At that moment, everyone could finally tell that Han Zhuolis gaze when looking at Lu Man was different.

Suddenly, they were all a little taken aback.

Finally, they recalled the earlier moments and were terrified upon realizing that Han Zhuoli always treated Lu Man differently.

Giving it a thought, they recollected that from the time they headed out from the company, it was already very out of the ordinary for Zheng Tianming to not sit beside Han Zhuoli and head to the back to sit instead.

However, back then surprisingly they didnt realize that anything was wrong.

They were really too slow!

Even in the restaurant, Han Zhuoli was sitting with Lu Man too.

While it wasnt that obvious, as long as one observed closely, they could tell that Han Zhuoli looked out for Lu Man.

Until this moment, Han Zhuoli could barely hide it any longer.

Was it that Han Zhuoli liked Lu Man, or that the two are already…

Everyone dared not think further.

Thankfully, they were still rather polite with Lu Man.

Other than their initial misunderstanding towards Lu Man, they got along fine with her.

Whereas, Dai Yiran and Ye Xiaoxing who were asking for it were fired too.

Xia Mengxuan…

They felt that Xia Mengxuan should lay low for her own good.

When Wu Lize looked at Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, he was confused and his gaze complicated with tons of emotions.

Lu Man had told him that she had a boyfriend already, could it be Han Zhuoli

However, Wu Lize still could not really believe it.

Perhaps instead of saying that he dared not to, maybe he was unwilling to believe it.

The distance between Han Zhuoli and Lu Man was honestly too far apart, they were worlds apart.

Speaking of Lu Mans boyfriend, he had plenty of ideas and images of them in his mind, but Han Zhuoli just wasnt in any one of them.

If it was someone else, he could still try harder and try to compete.

However, if it was Han Zhuoli, how could he even compare

Yet, perhaps, Han Zhuoli was only attracted to Lu Man and did not know that Lu Man had a boyfriend already.

He was a little curious.

If Han Zhuoli were to confess to Lu Man, would Lu Man still stick to upholding her loyalty to her boyfriend or choose to be Han Zhuoli

While everyone was busy with their own thoughts, on the stage, they announced the winner of the Golden Finger Award.

Although Chen Shimian did not win, thankfully he was already mentally prepared for this, so he wasnt too disappointed by the results.


After the award ceremony ended, no one mentioned about celebrating either.


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