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Chapter 2292: Selectively Blind and Deaf

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“Havent Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had enough of being lovey-dovey together in private Must they come on the show and display their love there for each other Just because they wanted to PDA, it caused Ni Xue to end up without a room and with no choice but to sleep in a tent.

These two people are too selfish.”

“I quite liked Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya at first, but the two of them keep doing PDA.

Ive really had enough.”

“The two of them are just indiscriminately doing PDA regardless of the time and place.

Fine if you want to PDA on the show, yet you had to implicate others and leave them without a room.

That makes it very disgusting.”

“Exactly! Everyone is filming for the show together.

By right, they should help each other out.

How could people behave like them”

For a moment, Ni Xues fans and the paid posters brought up the tempo and even influenced some netizens who were watching the drama.

They felt that, actually, what they said was true too.

If Han Zhuoling had not chosen to share a room with Shi Xiaoya, there wouldnt have been so much trouble, right

The two of them were already together in private.

Did they lack that bit of time on the show

Hence, there were actually also many people who criticized Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, feeling that they went too far with their PDA.

Though Ni Xue had fans, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas fans did not just sit and stare either.

Shi Xiaoyas fans then said, “Some peoples fans shouldnt be selectively blind and deaf too, okay”

“Firstly, your Xue1 seduced Han Zhuoling.

That seductive air that filled the scene almost leaped out of our screens.

His legitimate girlfriend was right there yet she still dared to do that.

I cant even imagine what she can do off-camera.

Your Xue is really the most pure and innocent one, huh Its not every day that we see Han Zhuoling, dont be so hasty.

“Secondly, those were the rules set by the production team.

There had to be one person who will receive the punishment.

This is one variety effect of the show.

Although Survivor is an explosively popular variety show, they still need such schemes, and the audience loves to watch them too.

If its not your Xue getting punished, someone else would have been.

Why is it that other people can get punished but just your Xue cant Your Xue is of a higher class than other people, is that it

“There are so many other shows in which the guests get punished.

I dont see other people saying anything, and I dont see their fans raising objections either.

There are many people with a higher status than your Xue.

Given your bottom B-list standards, you still insist on behaving like an A-lister”

“Since someone chose to come on this show, they should know and accept its format and schemes.

They want to be famous but dont want to work hard.

They arent that pretty either, so why do they have such pretty dreams If someone cant accept these things, then they should just not come on this show in the first place.

Other people had it even tougher in the past episodes, but I dont see those other people saying anything.

“Thirdly, you all dont like to see other people doing PDA, but some of us do.

We just love watching our male idol and female idol kissing and hugging.

The production team invited both Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya together for this same purpose as well.

The two of them are in a proper relationship, why cant they PDA And yet its fine if your Xue seduces other people”

“Well said!” There were many netizens who supported this instantly.

“This special episode is already designed to be very comfortable.

The past few episodes were much tougher, right The female guests in the previous episodes could endure all sorts of hardship, but only your Xue is the princess on the pea, so delicate that she cant handle anything.”

“Even if we dont talk about past episodes and just focus on this episode, besides Shi Xiaoya, there were also Lan Jiexin and Peng Zhen.

Including Shi Xiaoya, who did not rely on Han Zhuolings help, the three of them all tried their very best to earn points for their team.

Your Xue only knows how to slack off and cozy up to someone powerful.

If this kind of person dont get punished, that will then be the most unfair of all.”

“What the.

With your Xue behaving like this, you still think of comparing her to Shi Xiaoya How can she compare at all”

The netizens were very impartial and pointed all those out one by one.

After everything that Ni Xues fans said, in the end, they were just saying that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were not being very nice.

But they completely could not hold their ground.

“Lan Jiexin and Peng Zhen had also offered to share a room with Ni Xue.

The production team did not agree.

Rules are rules.

You Ni Xue fans are selectively deaf, arent you The words that the chief director of the production team said were obviously directed at Ni Xue.”

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