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Chapter 2300: You Misunderstood

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The other party scoffed and said, “Dont think that just because you achieved a bit of result, you are unbeatable.

What you achieved applies only over at your side, so those people of yours treat you like an ace.”

The ace of a weak team was such a joke in front of the strong.

She was just a general amid a bunch of weaklings, yet she really thought that as the ace of a weak team, she was truly an ace

Lu Man could not even compare to the weakest in their team!

No, perhaps they should say that she could not even compare to the one in their second-string team.

Put that way, she could barely be considered a third-class actress.

“I never thought that just by myself, I will be able to win against an outstanding team,” Lu Man said, smiling.

The other party smiled gloatingly and said, “Looks like you have some self-awareness.”

“My apologies, you misunderstood.” Lu Man smiled and said, “Im not saying that my capabilities dont cut it.

Im saying that to win against a team, our whole team has to be involved, and every member has to do their part.

Everyone has a responsibility to play; no one person can be left out.”

The other party was stunned.

He did not expect that Lu Man did not think she was not capable at all.

“Dont tell me you still think that given that weak team of yours, you can still win against our schools elites” the other party said incredulously.

“You probably dont know how weak that team of yours is!”

At this moment, there were some other students who came over to handle some forms or administrative work, and they saw Lu Man when they came.

There were some international students from the country who had come over to study there to begin with, but there were not many of them.

Everyone knew most of them.

Even if they did not, they would often see them around in school, so they would be more or less familiar with their faces.

As for Lu Man, she was completely unfamiliar to them, so they very quickly thought of the exchange students affair.

Besides those international students, the rest of those with oriental-looking facial features were these exchange students.

But this person right before them was an even more unfamiliar face.

Recently, these exchange students from the East had utterly made a fool of themselves.

They attended classes together with students from their school, and during class time, there were also spontaneous performance segments.

These exchange students really made a mess of their performance.

It was precisely because of this that the others became all too familiar with how those exchange students looked like.

There were probably only a few people who did not recognize them, so they were really the “popular” people in the school.

Their popularity might be even higher than Oren Hesselgs.

“Hey, Jose.” One student said hi to the student who was attending to Lu Man, then gestured with her chin at Lu Man and asked, “Who is this”

Jose said in a tone filled with sarcasm, “This is the ace from that team of elite exchange students that came to our school.”

That student then said, “Ive never seen her before.”

Jose pursed his lips as he explained, “She just arrived.

She never took classes here and only came to report today.”

“Since shes the ace of their team, she probably thought she did not need to attend classes here.

She just came here to show off her prowess when the competition date is so close,” Jose said sarcastically.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” the students present all started laughing boisterously.

She really treated herself like an ace!

She came last, without even needing to come and learn anything, because she was prepared to come and quash her opponents at once.

She treated herself like some internationally acclaimed Best Actress who could put them down the moment she came.

“This bunch of exchange students are really quite interesting,” one of them said.

“Those who came here early are all a bunch of useless things,” another person said.

“And we have another self-proclaimed ace here whose confidence is bursting through the roof.”

“Ignorant people have no fear,” one person said.

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