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Chapter 2302: Came Here for Me

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A rather fresh and different form of beauty.

But they never expected this doll-like beauty to be so thick-skinned!

Twisting their words of mockery into praise!

No wonder the exchange students who returned all said that Lu Man was cunning and devious, that they should not be fooled by her appearance.

Its all true.

She must have used some devious tricks to deal with Bourbotte and defeat their exchange students!

They would never believe that Lu Man had relied only on her abilities to achieve all these.

“Lu Man!”

Lu Man turned upon hearing the familiar voice, and it was actually Han Leilei and Zhang Xiaoying, with the two guys from the National Drama Academy, Tan Mingxiao and Guo Hai, accompanying them like their bodyguards.

Han Leilei beamed upon seeing Lu Man.

She looked utterly relaxed, as if Lu Man had answered their prayers—their trusty backup had finally arrived and they had nothing more to fear.

The other students also saw Han Leileis reaction.

They became even more curious—wasnt she just a small but particularly brazen woman

Must they look at her like she was their goddess

How was Lu Man fit to be one

These Chinese exchange students must be panicking and at the end of their wits.

They knew theyd embarrassed themselves too much these past months and desperately hoped for someone to lead them.

They didnt care if Lu Man could really aid them or not.

They just pinned their hopes on Lu Man blindly.

What a joke.

Even if Lu Man came, she was just another person to shame.

And they hoped Lu Man could actually help him

How ridiculous!

They were so shaken that they forgot themselves.

Even depending on a young lass.

Han Leilei and the other three had no idea what the others were thinking.

Seeing Lu Man simply made Zheng Yuan sigh in relief internally.

Even Zhang Xiaoying, who always treated Lu Man as an opponent, saw her this time as a kindred soul.

She couldnt even bother upsetting Lu Man now.

She was smiling especially sincerely and cordially.

Lu Man was slightly stunned seeing that.

But she naturally wouldnt put on any unhappiness on her face seeing Zhang Xiaoyings friendly smile.

She greeted both joyfully.

As for the other two guys, Guo Hai and Tan Mingxiao—Guo Hai was from the National Drama Academy, and they knew each other from the “Chinese Arts Championships.”

Not exactly familiar, but not total strangers either.

On the other hand, Lu Man had never met Tan Mingxiao.

After saying their hellos, Guo Hai introduced him to Lu Man, “This is Tan Mingxiao, also a student from the National Drama Academy and my classmate.”

So Lu Man greeted him too.

“You all came here for me” Lu Man asked.

She was currently in the schools office, dealing with administrative matters as an exchange student.

Though she came late, Principal Liu had already explained why on the schools behalf to New York University.

Hence, it wasnt a big deal.

She just didnt expect the mockery.

The four of them didnt appear to need anything from the office.

Han Leilei nodded, saying, “We knew youre reporting today, so we came to fetch you.”

She looked around.

“Young Master Han didnt come with you”

“Its only reporting and nothing big, so he returned to the office after dropping me off,” Lu Man replied.

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