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Chapter 2304: Standards Too Low

Han Leilei handed Lu Man a can of fruit juice.

Sun Mengying from the National Drama Academy participated in the “Chinese Arts Championships” too, so Lu Man knew her.

“Lu Man, wheres your luggage” Sun Mengying asked.

Lu Man shooked her head.

“The dorms for me to rest at during the day.

I wont be staying here.”

Han Leilei explained, “Young Master Hans here too.

He wont let Lu Man stay here for sure.”

The Han Family didnt have a villa here.

So they all stayed in hotels.

Theyd booked rooms for a month straight, and apart from accompanying Lu Man to the exchange competition, it was convenient for them to have a little more fun here before and after the competition.

Wang Juhuais place was in Los Angeles, not in New York, so he stayed in a hotel with Xia Qingwei.

He had brought Lu Man and Xia Qingwei to visit his home before.

It wasnt the place he had lived with Lin Jinshu.

Because he himself couldnt stand having traces of Lin Jinshu in his life, hed moved after divorcing her.

Thus, Xia Qingwei wouldnt feel uncomfortable there as well.

Sun Mengying nodded, understanding.

She was merely curious and had no other opinion.

“When I went to report in, I saw that they were very unfriendly towards me.

I thought they were only hostile towards me, but they mentioned you too in their words.” Lu Man said implicitly, “Are you all being bullied here too”

When they heard this, everyones faces fell, appearing dejected.

Tan Mingxiao sighed.

“If I hadnt come here, I wouldnt have known how low my standards were.”

Guo Hai said, “If they were actually just going to intimidate us and humiliate us on purpose, we wouldnt have lost so terribly every time.

But case in point, its because we were too lousy.”

“Wha happened exactly” Lu Man asked.

From all their words, she still had no idea what had happened.

Han Leilei filled her in.

“The nine of us arrived first, and we sensed their hostilities the moment we came in.

“And the moment we arrived, they took us down a notch down.

We thought it was because we just came and an opening gambit was nothing much.

But they actually didnt stop at all.

“Every time there were assignments from professors, someone would take the chance to make things difficult for us and embarrass us.

Of course, we do have room for improvement and are worse than them, so we just have to work harder.

“Perhaps were too far behind them, but we did improve when compared to our past selves,” Han Leilei continued.

“But they never stopped shaming us, and after losing a few times, wed noticed this was unusual.

Even if were lousier than they were, were here to learn, and they shouldnt be acting this way.

“Wed discussed it among ourselves too, wondering if theyre doing this because they lost when they sent their exchange students over.

“They couldnt handle the defeat and were trying to pick on us in return.

“After a period, we did confirm this was exactly what they were doing from their words.”

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