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Chapter 2306: Save Them from Disaster

Shed also experienced having her resources snatched away from her, be it before knowing Lu Man or afterward.

Zhang Xiaoying would not go to the extent of blaming all of these on Lu Man.

And it was immediately obvious anyway who had snatched her resources away.

Besides, if Lu Man had done it, she would not have simply snatched her resources away.

She would have just ended her career in the entertainment industry as that was the easiest way to deal with the problem.

Just look at Lu Qi, or Bai Shuangshuang and the others.

So Zhang Xiaoying knew that even if she did not see eye to eye with Lu Man in school, Lu Man had never used the power in her hands to make life difficult for her before.

There was really no hard feelings if there was no comparison.

After getting some experience here, Zhang Xiaoying really felt that Lu Man was like an angel.

So her enmity towards Lu Man had also been weakening with each day.

And now, she really felt no hint of enmity towards Lu Man at all.

But the twos relationship was really not that good before this, so for a moment, Zhang Xiaoying could not get along so naturally with Lu Man either.

She could not bring herself to switch immediately to becoming good friends and cosy up to her without inhibitions at all.

Lu Man was quite surprised.

When she saw Zhang Xiaoying and Han Leilei come to welcome her together, shed already felt quite surprised.

Now that she heard what Han Leilei said, it sounded like Zhang Xiaoying willingly went to welcome her too

So she no longer had any enmity towards her

But Lu Man thought things through very quickly.

It was probably because of the environment here.

Everyone got bullied and discriminated against, so they subconsciously felt that they were on the same side.

They came from different schools.

These people who were originally in a competitive relationship with each other had, because of this, united together in a rare instance.

Lu Man also could not help but be thankful for the oppression these students had received here.

It was precisely because of this that the originally discordant members of the team could be united together as one.

Lu Man still felt troubled at first.

Before she came, the principals had even said that she had to lead the team.

Lu Man was really unwilling to do that.

Because she knew that the schools were in a competitive relationship.

Even if they formed a team now, the internal competition would still be present.

No one would be willing to bow down to each other.

And her personal relations with the people in the team did not seem to be very good either, so how could she be the team leader

If she were to lead the team, she might agitate the tempers of the team members even more and make it even more impossible for them to be united.

Putting aside other things, just Zhang Xiaoying alone was already one person who did not want to acknowledge that she was the more capable.

Yet she did not expect that such a situation would occur after she came.

Everyone had subconsciously united as one.

Without even needing to say anything, they acknowledged her as their leader, which saved a lot of trouble.

Even Zhang Xiaoying patched up with her.

Seeing that Zhang Xiaoying still felt a little awkward and did not know how to interact with her, Lu Man first smiled at her and said, “Thank you for coming to fetch me.”

“Oh, right, when did you arrive here” Han Leilei asked.

“I just arrived yesterday.

I rested for a while and came to report today.” Lu Man felt a little embarrassed that she came quite late too.

“Then have you already adjusted to the time difference Have a good rest today, you can come and attend lessons tomorrow,” Han Leilei said.

Lu Man took out the timetable that she had just received and said, “There happens to be class this afternoon, so I wont take a break.

I will go to class together with you all.

I already came very late and caused quite some trouble for you all.”

Everyone quickly disagreed.

They were the ones who indeed hoped that Lu Man would quickly come over and save them from this disaster.

It was fine for Han Leilei and the other girls.

But Guo Hai and the other male students felt really embarrassed now.

They were all grown men, they thought, yet when they were being bullied, they were not able to use their capabilities to protect their teammates.

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