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Chapter 2314: So Headstrong the Moment She Came

So, even though they had never seen Lu Man before, they were not unfamiliar with Lu Mans name.

The student beside her nodded in full agreement.


Although Lu Man is sitting down, her aura is just so confident.”

“Howard cant tell yet.

Judging from his look, hes probably there to find trouble with Lu Man.

Alas, he actually embarrassed himself again.”

“If I were Howard, I would just wait to defeat her during the exchange competition.

At that time, I can do myself proud and exact whatever revenge I want to take.

He already cant hold it in now, and if he doesnt handle it well, he will embarrass himself.

Take now, for example.

Hes actually being even more embarrassing.”

As they were saying that, they heard Lu Man say, “I just won a competition, after all.

You have to let me rest for a while.

If youd won, you could have also put on such an attitude.”

Howard: “…”

Everybody: “…”

They really did not expect that Lu Man would be so headstrong the moment she came!

And her being so headstrong in their territory, was it really a good thing

The teammates who sat in a row with Lu Man thought to themselves that everyone here was too naive.

Back then, when Lu Man had no fame, she was even more headstrong than she was now.

How was this even considered being headstrong

Previously, when Lu Man quarreled with Howard, was that really a quarrel

She was way too polite to him.

Howard could not even take it now.

But actually, he had never seen Lu Mans true capabilities before.

Sun Hezhou rubbed his palms together and, in Mandarin, he said in a hushed voice to his teammates, “Theyve never experienced the previous storms and bloodshed that Lu Man had whipped up in our domestic entertainment industry.

Just perfect, they can have a good time experiencing it now.”

Speaking of this, Sun Hezhou started feeling gleeful.

Actually, among them, the person whod really crossed swords with Lu Man before was Zhang Xiaoying.

And that challenge at the time to Lu Man was merely a tiff.

Yet Zhang Xiaoying already felt the trauma in her heart.

Zhang Xiaoying swore never to stand opposed to Lu Man ever again.

As long as she was not opposed to Lu Man, it was needless to say how relaxed she could feel just watching Lu Man whip up a storm from the sidelines.

And it actually felt so vindicating for some reason!

Whats more, they were on other peoples territory right now, and they get to watch Lu Man bring the storm overseas.

They could stand behind Lu Man steadfastly.

They were on the same side, being teammates with her and helping her whip up the storms together.

This feeling was really too exhilarating and exciting.

Xu Chuansheng gave Howard a deep look of pity.

He had clearly already suffered once in their country.

Why did he not grow any sense

If he got attacked by Lu Man again, then he really deserved it.

What Howard hated the most now was being reminded by other people of the competition that hed lost earlier on.

That was simply the greatest humiliation of his lifetime.

When he heard Lu Mans words, Howards face turned beet red.

He raised his voice, as if doing so could raise his own dominance, to say, “Lu Man, this is not your school, not your territory.

You guys are standing in our territory right now.

The home court has already changed!”

Lu Man raised an eyebrow.

She did not look shocked at all and said, “Its just another place for you all to lose in again.”

Lu Man had been living together with Han Zhuoli every day, so she was naturally getting more and more influenced by Han Zhuolis aura.

People who lived together would always end up influencing each other.

And Lu Man had been influenced more deeply by Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli had the aura of someone who was the head of a great household.

Lu Man had only around 30 percent of his influence, and it was already enough to deal with all these people.

This was also why, even though Lu Man was clearly the one sitting down, with Howard looking down at Lu Man from a high position, he became reduced to the level of an underling character in comparison to her.

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