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Chapter 2315: Who Needed to Prove Anything to Her

Even if she just sat there quietly and did not speak, as long as she wanted to, she could give the other party immense pressure.

Lu Man just sitting there absolutely gave off full dominance through her aura!

Howard was seriously pissed off by Lu Mans words, and he could not care about being polite anymore.

He pointed at Lu Man and said angrily, “I did lose that competition previously! But thats not my actual capabilities at all!”

Lu Man chuckled and replied, “If you lost, you lost.

No one will care how capable you actually are.

If you cant perform to the best of your ability during the competition, which is when it matters, whats the point What use is being very capable when theres no one around No matter how capable you are then, others wont be able to see it.”

Lu Man said calmly, “Exactly how much you can show during the competition, that is really your true capability.

Its the same as taking an exam.

One can say that they just did not use their full capability, but in fact, their studies are very good.

But whats the point No matter how good you usually are, when the time really comes where you need to produce results but you cant show it, then everything becomes useless.”

Howard was shaking from anger at Lu Mans words. Wasnt this b*tch just saying that his capability could not make the cut

“You just wait!” Howard gritted his teeth and said, “This time, I definitely would not make a mistake again! You are standing in our territory now, this is our home court.

My mentality and emotions wont be influenced again.

I will definitely win against you and show you my true capabilities.”

Even without Lu Man saying anything, the other students who heard the words he said did not believe it either.

He said things like how his mentality and emotions would not be influenced by Lu Man.

Wasnt he being influenced by Lu Man now

So along with that, what Howard said about how he would definitely let Lu Man see his true capabilities also became very unconvincing.

“Im sorry, I think you wont have the chance to prove that to me anymore,” Lu Man said, smiling.

This smile could really irritate the guts out of someone.

It made Howard so enraged that his mind lost focus and even his thinking abilities got reduced.

Who needed to prove anything to her!

Who did she think she was that he needed to prove his capability to her



Hold up!

This was not the main point.

The main point was, why would he not have the chance to prove anything to her anymore

It was as if both of these ways of putting it were incorrect.

No matter how it was worded, it made Howard feel depressed.

He wanted to refute both points, yet he felt as if he could not refute them.

It made Howard confused as to which point he should refute first.

Howard inhaled deeply and adjusted his emotions before saying, “Firstly, I dont need to prove anything to you.

Who do you think you are And how can I possibly not have a chance anymore!”

Lu Man smiled patronizingly and said, “Did you forget If I remember correctly, you belong to the second-string team among your batchmates.

We came over for the exchange competition this time to compete against your top team.”

Lu Man laid her hands bare and said in a very regretful tone, “So, Im really sorry, you wont have the chance to compete with me anymore.”

Howard: “…”

What the f*ck!

He forgot about this!

“If you really want to compete with me so much, you can only try your best to enter the top team.

Or else, you wont even have the right to compete with me again.” Lu Man smiled cheekily as she said that.

Howard: “…”

He was so furious that he wanted to cuss!

Why was this lass so damn infuriating!

Luckily, Leo had kept his eye on the situation all the while this time around and held him back, or else, Howard would really have cussed.

Han Leilei and the others could not hold back any longer and all gestured “666”[1] with their hands at Lu Man.

So, Howard probably had to retain the record of having lost to Lu Man for a very long time.

[1] It means impressive or awesome

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