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Chapter 2317: This Is My Number

Oren said, “Ive talked so much, but I havent even introduced myself.

“I am Oren Hesselg, Im also a student here.

I heard that the last remaining exchange student has arrived today.

That must be you.”

“Hello, I am Lu Man,” Lu Man said graciously.

“Welcome,” Oren said politely.

“I have watched your performance video previously and have always wanted to get to know you and connect with you.

When I learned that you are also on the name list of the exchange students coming over, I had been looking forward to it greatly.

You finally came.”

The other party was all polite, so Lu Man was naturally polite as well.

“Because I had some private matters on, I came here a little later.”

Howard scoffed beside Oren and said, “You call this a little late You arrived when its just about time for the competition.

Youre just looking down on us.”

Oren turned and gave Howard a warning look, telling him to restrain himself a little more.

Lu Man would not let Howard off just because Oren stopped him.

If he dared to speak thus, shed dare to rebuke him too.

“Looks like the previous loss has really dealt a great blow on you, you even lost your confidence.

Even though I simply arrived a little later, you want to think of it as me looking down on you.”

“I didnt say you were looking down on me!” Howard immediately said.

Lu Man chuckled and said, “You said Im looking down on all of you, but Im not looking down on anyone, so theres only you left.”


“Enough!” Oren turned and cut Howard off.

“Leo, go back to your seats with Howard.

The professor should be here soon.”

Leo quickly pulled Howard away.

Howard was feeling unhappy at first, then Leo took out his phone to show Howard the time.

It was indeed almost time.

Professor Howell had always been on time.

He would definitely enter the classroom at the same second when the bell rings for class to start.

So Howard finally stopped his pestering.

Seeing that, Oren was finally satisfied and then said to Lu Man, “If theres anything you dont know or need help with, just tell me.”

Oren took out a notebook from his bag, wrote down his own number, and said, “This is my number.

You can just contact me directly if you need any help.”

Lu Man smiled as she accepted it and thanked him.

Oren wanted to sit beside Lu Man, but alas, there were no more seats.

Albertine, who was on the same team as him, waved at him and said, “Oren, here!”

When Oren saw that, he could only give up and smile at Lu Man as he said, “Ill go over there to sit first then.”

Lu Man naturally replied to him politely.

After Oren left, Zhou Li then said in a small voice, “Oren is quite polite.

Hes famous and capable, and he has a nice personality too.

Hes really different from Howard and the others.”

“Yeah,” Sun Mengying agreed and said, “There are many people who look down on us and just mock us to our faces.

But actually, compared to Oren, they cant hold a candle either.

Oren doesnt even do anything to us, but they themselves think theyre so impressive.

With this comparison, they actually look like clowns.”

Tan Mingxiao pursed his lips and said, “You guys, dont you just think that way because hes good-looking As long as hes good-looking, everything is good.”

Howard was not the especially handsome type.

At least, compared to Oren, he was far behind.

Oren was famous and very capable.

His looks were the princely type, which really made him an idol in many girls hearts.

This was not an exaggeration at all.

“What Hes just polite and coincidentally good-looking too,” Zhou Li objected indignantly.

“Im not so superficial.”

Guo Hai also said, “But I think he isnt as nice as he appears to be.”

Seeing that the girls had quite a good impression of Oren, Lu Man shook her head and asked while laughing, “Was Oren at school the entire time previously”

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