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Chapter 2320: I Think Youre Crazy

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And especially old perverts, they could tell with one look that Lu Man had a good figure yet was so small at the same time.

She had the kind of delicateness that would allow them to rub her into their embrace with one hand, making one feel even more easily aroused.

Her delicate size became an obvious juxtaposition against a mans strong and sturdy frame.

She was so small, and thus, even that most accommodating spot would also be so tight and narrow.

Thinking of that soul-satisfying feeling that could all the more highlight his own strength made Oren a bit unable to hold it in, and he felt aroused.

“It doesnt matter whether I took a liking to her or not,” Oren said dismissively.

“I am just a little interested in her.”

There was no such thing as love at first sight.

He was just interested in Lu Mans body.

“I have really never tried a small woman like her before.

If you think about it, it must feel good.” Oren played with a pen using his fingers, a smile on his lips.

Thinking of Lu Man, Oren then turned to look over.

He sat diagonally behind Lu Man, so he could only see a third of Lu Mans side profile.

As he stared, he heard Helena say, “Oren, I think youre crazy! Theres no shortage of women around you.

Why must you go for Lu Man Dont forget, her husband isnt someone to be trifled with!”

Although Han Zhuolis name was not as well known here as it was back home, at least in their industry, they were no stranger to it.

The Han Corporation had already carved out a place for itself in Hollywood.

“So what This is not his territory, not a place where he alone calls the shots.” Oren was not bothered at all.

“In his country, he can call the shots in the entertainment industry and dominate the scene.

But he cant do that here.

He, the Han Corporation, is just an outsider.

They have only just stabilized their position here and havent even officially started developing.

Why should we be scared of him He has to keep a low profile over here himself and be like a grandchild.

This is not a place where he can do whatever he wants.”

Helena narrowed her eyes and heard Oren say, “Anyway, well just do it secretly and wont let him know.

Doing it secretly adds an even better flavor to it.

“A man and a woman having a good time is understandable.” As Oren said that, he stared in Lu Mans direction as well.

“Even if we were discovered, so what Han Zhuoli is an outsider who cant do anything to me.

We have so many film companies here, its not like his is the only one.

“Our developments are way more advanced than theirs.

We dont need to be scared of his trick at all.

Im not scared of being canceled by him.” This was why Oren had no fear.

“Anyway, as for Lu Man, I would probably get tired of her after one or two times.

As for my interest in her, besides the fact that she is quite pretty and Im satisfied with her figure, theres also her arrogance.

“She won the previous competition so arrogantly.

This time, when she came, its also with a victors attitude.

You both saw too how arrogant her attitude towards Howard was just now.

Its for no reason other than the fact that she won the competition.

Thats why she felt confident.”

Oren twirled the pen around his fingers once more and said, “The more arrogant she is, the greater an achievement it would feel when she succumbs under me, dont you think Shes so arrogant outside, but with me, she can only cry for mercy under my body.”

Albertine could understand Orens feelings really well and instantly gave Oren a very conniving smile.

Helena scoffed twice and said, “Then well see if shed be willing or not.”

After all, her husband was Han Zhuoli.

After being used to such a sumptuous meal like Han Zhuoli, her taste had long been elevated much higher.

Could she still take a liking to Oren

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