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Chapter 2324: Your Mentality Is Quite Resilient

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In contrast, whether the people here really had the confidence or not, they would always say they had the confidence.

For some reason, Shana felt that Lu Man was not boasting and that she really had the confidence.

And Shana even felt that Lu Man was being humble with what she said.

For some reason, Shana just had that feeling.

She even felt that it was ridiculous that she had such a thought.

She wondered what made her think that Lu Man had such huge confidence.

She shook her head and said, “Since you have the confidence, then I wont say anything more.”

“Many thanks.” Lu Man sincerely thanked her.

“Yo, Shana, since when were you on such good terms with Lu Man” Howard had seen earlier that Lu Man and Shana were talking.

He thought at first that the two of them were just exchanging formalities.

Unexpectedly, seeing their expressions, it actually looked like they were on quite good terms, and theyd even started smiling.

Howard felt it was really ridiculous.

Did this Shana not have any sense of shame

She had been defeated by Lu Man previously.

Now, she was actually chatting happily with her and not taking it to heart at all.

Howard scoffed as he walked over.

Seeing Lu Man holding a script in his hand, he said, “What Youre really going up on stage Dont embarrass yourself even more out of a moments spite.”

Lu Man pursed her lips and said, “You should just mind your own business.

Whats the use of being arrogant in front of me I hope you can continue being arrogant after your performance.

Dont be like how you were in the previous competition, acting so arrogant as if you won Best Actor at the Oscars, yet in the end…”

Lu Man did not continue and just laughed dryly.

But this was enough to agitate him.

Previously, how arrogant Howard had been, that was also how embarrassed he felt after the competition.

Lu Man felt really curious.

As the saying goes, people learn from their mistakes.

Why did Howard never learn

He perfectly described the saying, forgetting past pains once the wound has healed.

But she was not going to remind Howard of that.

Howards face reddened in anger.

“Whos the one being arrogant right now I want to see how well you can act! Dont get scolded until you cant even show your face later!”

Lu Man nodded.

“I am also very curious about your performance.

Dont embarrass yourself again later in front of us.

If you embarrass yourself once more, if I were you, I wont even have the gall to appear before us ever again.

How thick-skinned must you be to be able to lose time and again and still challenge other people as if nothing had ever happened I have to say, your mentality is really quite resilient.”

Lu Man had no intention of stopping once shed started berating him.

“You are the one who clearly lost because youre not capable enough, yet you still have the gall to come and mock other people.

How exactly do you do it, can you teach us”

Howard: “…”

Why was this womans mouth so vicious!

Han Leilei and the others were originally worried that Lu Man would be disadvantaged, so theyd stayed near Lu Man and did not leave.

Yet the moment they saw that, they thought, was Lu Man the kind who would suffer a loss

They were all worried that Howard would become too infuriated by Lu Man.

When she heard Lu Mans words now, Han Leilei also nodded and added, “Yeah, teach us!”

“We also know that, except for Lu Man, the capabilities of the rest of us in the exchange team really cannot make the cut.

So we all kept a very low profile and hid our tails between our legs.” Han Leilei continued while smiling sarcastically, “Not every student in your esteemed school is of such high caliber either.

There will always be some who are of very high caliber and some who are of low caliber.

We didnt go up to those students of low caliber to mock them for it..

After all, we might be even worse than them.”

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