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Chapter 2325: Kneel Down to You, and Slap Myself Twice

“We have this self-awareness and this understanding.

You, however, lost so badly the previous time.

In normal circumstances, shouldnt you train and keep a low profile to wash away your humiliation You havent even cleared your past humiliation and you are already being all obnoxious and gleeful in front of Lu Man.”

Han Leilei said with admiration, “Youre really not an average person indeed!”

Han Leileis talking skills were actually more impressive than Zheng Yuans and Pan Xues.

Pan Xue was just short-tempered.

She was a simple person who always liked to talk in a straightforward manner.

But when it came to quarrels, Pan Xue would not win.

She would always find herself speechless due to the other partys rebuke, and she would only think of how she should have rebutted after the incident.

Whenever this happened, it was always Han Leilei whod help Pan Xue rebuke the other party.

Howard shook angrily from their retorts.

At this moment, Oren came and pressed down on Howards shoulder.

“Were about to start preparing.

Settle your emotions.

Dont let them get led askew by other people again such that they would affect your performance once more.”

These words made Howard come to his senses.

He got a shock in his heart and heaved a sigh of relief.

He almost got affected by Lu Man again.

He quickly settled his emotions and took deep breaths quite a number of times before he said to Lu Man, “Looks like we dont need to wait until the competition anymore.”

“Hold up.” Lu Man raised her hand and continued, “Dont say that.

It sounds as if you can actually participate in the competition.”

Howard: “…”

This damned b*tch!

She never let off any chance to mock him!

Why did it not occur to him that if he had not come and asked for trouble first, would Lu Man be so rude to him

The calm that Howard had finally managed to achieve fell apart once more.

In a moment of recklessness, Howard said, “You just wait, I will show you my true capabilities this time!”

“Will I really see it Thats not the first time you said it,” Lu Man said mockingly.

“Lu Man, we can compete this time.

If you win, whenever I see you, I will be all respectful and polite, and I wont say a single nasty word, including to your teammates,” Howard said.

“But if you lose this time, stop acting all arrogant in front of me!

“If you lose, you will kneel in front of me and slap yourself twice.

Then we will be equal for all the arrogant pretenses you put up in front of me previously,” Howard said.

When Han Leilei and the others beside Lu Man heard that, they were all furious.

Han Leilei almost could not hold back and nearly went up to just slap Howard twice.

Lu Man appeared calm, but her gaze was as cold as ice.

She had not been serious with Howard at all previously.

No matter how much Howard provoked her, she just treated him like a clown.

She just treated it as if Howard was acting in front of her and played along with him, taking it as if she was killing her boredom.

But Howards words just now crossed the line.

Lu Man scoffed and said, “If I lose, I have to kneel down to you and slap myself twice, but if you lose, you will at most stop saying nasty things in front of us.

Do you think this bet of yours makes sense”

Howard did not get baited this time and just asked her back, “You dont dare Youre scared now”

“In this life of mine, I still havent learned how to write the wordscared,” Lu Man said coldly.

“I am asking that our bets be the same.

I agree, if I lose, I will kneel down to you and slap myself twice.”

“Lu Man!” Zhou Li could not help but call out to her.

The others also broke out in a sweat nervously for Lu Man.

Han Leilei did not speak because she did not want to be a hindrance to Lu Man at this critical moment.

If she persuaded her now, it would be akin to riding on others prestige and killing her aura.

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