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Han Zhouli raised his hand and softly caressed her hair.

Resting his hand on the back of her head, he moved closer to her.

Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli was smiling so gently, “When I first saw you, didnt you make use of me Just sly like a fox.

The first time I saw you, I already knew that you were scheming, isnt it But I still liked you.

I like how you are kind but know when to stop and how you have the potential but you dont harm people.

I like how you boast about your intelligence, keeping your edge while moving forward steadily.”

Actually, after asking that question, Lu Man was worried sick.

She was anxious, fretting that Han Zhuoli might not like that part of her.

But now she knew that she had been worried for nothing.

This man, he always made her feel safe and secure.

Looking at Han Zhouli in the eyes, Lu Man could not help get immersed in his gentle and serious eyes.

How could he be this good

In both her lifetimes, the two men she was the most familiar with, Lu Qiyuan and He Zhengbai were both such assh*les.

She really did not think that there would be a man like Han Zhuoli who was so good.

She was very thankful that at that time, she chose to step forward and get together with Han Zhuoli, instead of being a cowardly person who hid away.

Taking an initiative, Lu Man moved closed and hugged Han Zhuoli, wrapping her hands around his neck.

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows in surprise, and right after that, his lips were kissed by Lu Man.

Han Zhuolis hands suddenly tightened their grip, with one hand on her waist and the other on the back of her head, she was tightly locked in his embrace.

Kissing Lu Man fervently, he changed from passive to active and directly pressed Lu Man onto the back of the car seat.

His fingers were trying to find the push-back button at the side of the seat and as soon as the back of the seat fell back, Lu Man was pushed down by him.

He did not expect Lu Man to unafraid, calm at all.

With her two arms wrapped around his neck, she was still kissing back passionately.

Originally, when Han Zhuoli touched her, he tried to control himself, but with Lu Man being so proactive he just could not.

Han Zhuoli kissed every inch of her lips, and his two hands could not help but caress her.

“I really want to take you here,” Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth, his throat tight and voice husky.

Lu Man instantly became passive under his aggressiveness and raised her head to kiss Han Zhuolis jaw, “Thats not good right”

Han Zhuoli smacked her butt.

“You really thought that I would do that”

This little girl, did she think of him as a beast

He treasured her so much, even if he really wanted to be together with her, it would be more formal, at a good place, how could he wrong her like that.

As soon as Lu Man heard that, she started being active again, tightly clinging onto him, she took advantage of the fact that he would not really do anything to her here and moved closer into his embrace, rubbing herself against him.

Han Zhuoli controlled himself, calming himself down by taking a deep breath.

Upon lowering his head, he saw Lu Mans sly gaze just like that of a fox, how could he not know what she was thinking.

“Just continue being bad!” Han Zhuoli clasped onto her waist tightly, she was clearly taking advantage of his spoiling and loving her, provoking him so much, “If you push me too far, Ill take you home right this moment!”

Lu Man smiled like a cat that was stealing things, knowing too well that Han Zhuoli cared for her a lot, and whatever he said was just him making an empty show of strength.

However, this kind of feeling of being spoiled by someone was wonderful.

For the first time, she experienced being fearless as she finally had someone who spoiled and pampered her a lot.

All this while, Lu Man knew that she was just taking advantage of the fact that Han Zhuoli loved her and that was the reason why she dared to mess with him like that.

The more she looked at this man the more she liked him, the yellow light inside of the car shone brightly on Han Zhuoli, highlighting the outline of his facial features, with the light and shadow intertwining his facial features seemed even more profound and beautiful.

Cupping his face with her hands, Lu Man could not help kiss his chin, nose tips, finally leaving a slight kiss on his lips.


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