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Chapter 2351: Even More Convincing

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“If the other party really had such considerations, you all wouldnt have met with such difficult circumstances previously,” Principal Liu said.

“If you want to be respected, you have to be firm first.

You did nothing wrong at all.”

“Then I feel assured now,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“And I must next tell you all about Wu Zilin.”

“Whats wrong with him” Principal Lu immediately asked.

Wu Zilin was his schools student.

“Even after I taught Howard a lesson, Wu Zilin still went over to apologize to Howard in front of everybody,” Lu Man said.

Principal Lu looked a little puzzled at first, but when he heard Lu Mans words, his face immediately fell.

Lu Man had just taught Howard a lesson, and Wu Zilin went over to apologize to Howard in front of everyone.

What kind of nonsense was this!

“How did Howard react” Principal Lu asked in a sullen voice.

He had just said that they did not need to deliberately cozy up to them.

As long as you won and you are capable, you would be able to earn the respect of the other party.

The people on the exchange team had been subjected to bullying the entire time before then.

Wasnt it just because the other party thought they were too weak

But after Lu Man went over, although the other side was not happy with her, they were not disrespectful either, precisely because Lu Man was capable.

You could be unhappy with her, but you had to admit that.

Your own capabilities could not make the cut, yet you went to cozy up and lost your own moral courage, which would make others look down on you even more.

Lu Man smiled mockingly and said, “Howard naturally did not accept it.

He even thought that salt was being rubbed on his wound.”

“Hah! And you thought you were clever!” Principal Lu said furiously.

Anyone could tell that Principal Lu was talking about Wu Zilin.

Wu Zilins panicked expression could no longer be concealed even if he wanted to conceal it.

“But not only did Wu Zilin not think that hes in the wrong, but he even thinks that we are in the wrong, that the other team members dont dare to rebuke me and thats why they remained silent about it,” Lu Man said.

“Of course, it is difficult to judge whether this is right or wrong.

Perhaps he is right, and I dont have the right to say that what hes thinking is definitely wrong.

It is not easy to clearly judge between right and wrong with this matter.”

“Theres nothing that we dont dare to rebuke,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

Even Principal Liu felt a little surprised that Zhang Xiaoying would actually take the initiative to stand out and speak up for Lu Man.

After all, Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man not being on good terms was something that anyone interested in the entertainment industrys gossip would know about.

It was not something that only the people in the National Film Academy would know of.

But now, Zhang Xiaoying was actually standing on Lu Mans side.

It showed that aside from Wu Zilin, the others were all very united.

The troubles that they had met with previously were not all bad either.

At least it made them united as one.

The others were all so united, yet Wu Zilin had to insist on contradicting them.

He really made himself stand out from the rest.

But Zhang Xiaoying, who had not been on good terms with Lu Man all this time, could even step up to speak up for her.

So it was even more convincing.


All of us expressed our own views.

We also told Wu Zilin that we cant insist that what he thought was wrong.

But his actions really halved the aura that Lu Man gave off after shed finally managed to turn the tables,” Guo Hai said.

“I think that Wu Zilin doing this made other people look down on us even more, and he is being a hindrance to the whole team.”

Tan Mingxiao also said, “We think that even if he really felt that Lu Mans method was not appropriate and just wanted to apologize to Howard, couldnt he have just done it in private Yet he had to do it in front of everyone.

That was not showing how magnanimous and polite you are.

That was just slapping Lu Man in the face and making our team look bad..

None of us moved, only he did, because he wanted to show that he was different from us, that he was the rational one and we were not.”

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