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Chapter 2352: Who Does He Think He Is

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“And the match with Howard was won based on Lu Mans sheer capability.

She did not get help from any of us, and we wont have been able to help her anyway,” Han Leilei said.

“The lesson today required us to act out an excerpt from a Shakespeare play.

Lu Man just arrived today, but the task for this lesson had been arranged one week before, so Lu Man had not known about it at all.

“Howard had also noted this point, so he thought that Lu Man definitely wont be able to memorize the lines and would definitely embarrass herself on stage.

So he very despicably used this point to try and win against Lu Man.

But he still lost,” Han Leilei said.

“This was a competition that Lu Man won by herself.

Its Lu Mans right to decide what should be done.

If Lu Man lost, would Wu Zilin have substituted himself for her Would he have gone down on his knees and slapped himself twice No.

Hence, since Lu Man had won, why should Wu Zilin apologize on her behalf”

Han Leilei said very pointedly, “Who does he think he is!”

Wu Zilin was so enraged that his face turned beet red.

He cut in and said, “What right do you have to make up a scenario that never even happened”

“Just based on your character,” Han Leilei said and scoffed.

“Whats wrong with my character Just because of a small misunderstanding, all of you ganged up to single me out! You guys are just taking advantage of the fact that there are so few of us from Donghua Academy of Drama!” Wu Zilin said angrily.

“Dont quarrel among yourselves!” Principal Liu cut them off and glanced at Wu Zilin with displeasure.

This Wu Zilin was really something!

In front of them four principals, he even dared to sow discord.

Did he really think that they were all fools and could not see through his scheme

He actually dared to sow discord between the four schools.

Saying that there were few students from Donghua Academy of Drama, wasnt that hinting that most of the spots had been occupied by the National Film Academy and the National Drama Academy

He wanted to pull Donghua Academy of Dramas Principal Lu over to his side to oppose them.

As long as he could instigate Principal Lu to make him side with him, his spot would be secured.

Although his scheme was a little novice and lame in front of them, to be able to think of this move within such a short period of time showed that he was not easy to deal with.

No wonder the others did not like him.

They could already imagine how hed instigated the others in the team.

Principal Zhangs face also fell.

Given Wu Zilins intentions, he already disliked him a lot.

Their National Drama Academy also occupied only three placements.

Principal Zhang said coldly, “Old Lu, we had already discussed and agreed on this beforehand.

This time, no matter what, our four schools will not compete against each other anymore.

In the past, it was precisely because the team members were not united, because each of them only thought of their own schools, that they were unable to perform to their fullest potential.

“Even if they had, they might not have necessarily won, much less when they were not able to bring out their fullest potential,” Principal Zhang said.

“So, this time, we must unite no matter what.

Lets put aside our respective schools wins or losses for now and try our best to finish the competition.

We must first change their view of our countrys acting industry to receive the respect we deserve on our side before we talk about other things.”

“Old Zhang, you dont need to say anything more.

I understand what you mean,” Principal Lu said in a sullen voice.

He paused for a moment and said, “Where Wu Zilin is concerned, we chose the wrong person.”

“Principal!” Wu Zilin exclaimed.

From Principal Lus tone, he seemed to be planning to give up on him!

“This is just because my views are different from theirs, but it doesnt mean that Im in the wrong..

But since they brought it up, I didnt insist on my views anymore and still prioritized the unity of the team,” Wu Zilin immediately said.

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