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Chapter 2354: Threaten

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“And I also hope that we can win.

I never harbored any bad thoughts.

How can you decide to swap me out after simply listening to some peoples words” Wu Zilin said.

“I have been learning for a few months here, after all, so my standards have improved much more considerably than those of the students back home.

My capabilities are stronger than theirs.

I will definitely cooperate well.

If someone else came instead, they would not be able to perform better than me.”

Everyone thought to themselves that Wu Zilin thought too highly of himself.

There were 10 of them in total.

For a short stage play, it was impossible to make sure that each of their characters could stand out.

And theyd already received the script.

Wu Zilins parts were really quite small.

Even if someone else came to perform them, there would not be much loss for them.

To put it plainly, their capabilities were all around the same.

It would be the same situation no matter who went over.

And with someone who could cooperate and listen to others, the performance outcome should be better than with Wu Zilin.

If Wu Zilin insisted on his own views when he clearly was not that great yet thought he was, then they really might as well get someone else to come over and replace him.

But these words, no one actually said them to him at this moment.

“Things have already come to this, and the decision has already been made.

It will not change,” Principal Lu said.

“You should prepare yourself and get ready to come back.

After I find someone, I will contact New York Universitys side and let them know that you will be replaced by a student who will be going over soon.

I will ask the student replacing you to rush over at the earliest time possible.”

Wu Zilin was so furious that he felt as if he was about to explode.

“Principal Lu, if you really swap me out, I will definitely tell my dad about this.”

Just for these words, Principal Lu would have to replace him.

Its fine if he said it in front of so many people and even threatened him.

If he did not replace him now, putting aside the issue of his own pride, this had already incited conflicts with the other members to a certain level.

It was impossible for them to patch up now.

Then, in that case, letting Wu Zilin stay behind would only be a bane, with no benefit to name at all.

But why would Principal Lu care about Wu Zilins threat

Donghua Academy of Drama was not wholly reliant on Wu Zilins family.

Principal Lu was a wily old fox.

When he heard Wu Zilins threat, his face did not change as he said, “The school is very grateful to your father for his support of the schools various resources and sponsorships.

Your fathers support is a contribution to our countrys acting industry.

“But this doesnt mean that he can use the sponsorships in exchange for the various opportunities you receive in school,” Principal Lu said.

“If your father stops his sponsorships of the school because of this, I can only say that this is regretful.

But at the same time, I am also very thankful for his past support, and I hope that we will still have a chance to work together in the future.”

When Wu Zilin heard this, he knew that Principal Lu was intending to completely have a fallout with him.

Who didnt know about such tacit rules My family sponsors you, so you should give me the appropriate benefits in return.

Now, youre actually cutting off all ties and even abandoning the sponsorships from their family.

Wu Zilin also realized that he had indeed underestimated how important the competition this time was to those four principals.

Actually, it was simply because of the presence of Lu Man as an ace in the team that the four principals saw a glimmer of hope in winning, that was why they treated the competition with such high importance more than ever.

If they could win this time, it was totally not an exaggeration to say that this would be an event that would go down in history.

Compared to the interests right before them, if they could win this time, this would heighten their societal reputations to unprecedented levels and bring even greater long-term interests in the future.

No matter what, the odds still favored Lu Man.

Of course, there was still the possibility of them losing.

But it was impossible for Principal Lu to offend Lu Man just because of Wu Zilin.

Lu Man and the others all expressed their stance that they did not want to keep Wu Zilin.

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