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Chapter 2355: Dont Tell Me Well Just Let It Be

If, just for the sake of keeping Wu Zilin, Principal Lu affected the whole teams performance, it would be as good as offending the other three principals and Han Zhuoli at the same time.

It would be fine if their team won.

Even with such a discordant character like Wu Zilin around, if the result in the end was still a good one, they would not pursue the matter with Wu Zilin too much.

But the moment they lost, no matter what the reasons for their loss were, Wu Zilin would definitely become the most important reason.

Even the whole Donghua Academy of Drama would be implicated in the blame.

So, no matter how he considered it, Wu Zilin had to go.

Wu Zilin was already forced to a dead end, so he decided to go all out and ask, “If you all casually swap someone out, will the school on this side agree If thats the case, if we can simply choose someone else to come over to attend classes, then whats the point of holding a competition to enter the exchange team on our end We can just keep swapping different people in, so everyone can come and attend classes for a month, and everyone can benefit from it.”

“You dont need to worry about this,” Principal Lu said.

“And its only the last week thats left.

Even if we swap someone, that person would not be able to attend more than a few classes.

The other party will understand and know that we really have our own reasons for doing so.”

Principal Lu still had to rush to find a replacement, so he said to the other three principals, “You all go ahead, I will go and find a replacement first.”

The other three principals expressions looked much better now.

Clearly, they were very pleased with Principal Lus decision.

Principal Min from Donghua Film Academy then said, “You all must remember.

No matter when, as long as you have reason on your side, you must not bow down.”

“Yes,” everyone answered.

Wu Zilin could not go on listening anymore.

This bunch of people was just ostracizing him!

He simply returned to his own bedroom and forcefully slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Everyone was stunned for a moment by this sudden loud bang.

The three principals were on the other side of the screen, so the sound was not as loud as it was at the scene right then, but they also frowned.

“Dont bother about him.

As for his matter, leave it to Principal Lu to deal with it,” Principal Liu said.

“From what Han Leilei had said just now, you guys couldnt find a teacher to come and help you all rehearse”

Principal Zhang also asked, “They are actually so despicable! They wont let teachers come and help you all rehearse to make sure you all fail”

In previous years, they could still find some teacher to help them with rehearsals.

No matter whether the other party was truly sincere about helping them rehearse or not, the situation was not as extreme as it was now.

“Some didnt like us from the start, so their rejection is expected.

There are also some teachers who really dont have the time,” Lu Man explained.

“Then should we also send a teacher over” Principal Liu suggested.

“Although it might be a bit of a misfit because of the cultural difference, at least its better than you all having no one to guide you at all.”

Lu Man thought about it and said, “Let me try and find someone first.

If that doesnt work, then you can let a teacher come over.”

Principal Liu knew of Lu Mans capability.

Since she could say that, she actually already had a certain level of confidence about it, so he stopped feeling anxious.

“If anything happens again, contact us at the first instance.

Although we are far away, whatever we can help you resolve, we will try our best to do it,” Principal Zhang said.

As they ended the video call, Wu Zilin was also phoning his father to complain to him in his bedroom.

Alas, when Mr.

Wu heard that, he said, “Since they told you to come back, just come back.

Stop making a scene there.”

“Dad!” Wu Zilin was furious and perplexed.

“You invested so much money in the school, yet at the most critical moment, he kicked me aside just with a few words.

Isnt this ridiculous Dont tell me well just let it be”

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