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Seeing Lu Man yawn, Xia Qingwei hurriedly chased her to sleep.

“Quickly pack up and go to bed.

Youve been busy the whole day.”

“Ok,” Lu Man said goodnight to Xia Qingwei.

She hurriedly removed her make-up, packed her stuff and went to her room.

Although she laid on the bed, she could not fall asleep immediately.

Taking a look at her phone, she saw that there was no still message from Han Zhuoli.

After about 20 minutes, her phone rang.

Lu Man quickly picked up her phone and took a look.

Indeed, it was a call from Han Zhuoli.

“Did you reach home” Lu Man answered the call and asked softly.

Currently, the lights in her bedroom were switched off.

It was pitch black except for the moonlight drifting in through the open window.

Hearing Han Zhuolis voice, Lu Man felt very warm and comfortable.

She knew that she had fallen over heels in love with Han Zhouli, her every move and action was influenced by Han Zhuoli and her heart was already stolen by him.

“Yeah, I just got home and called you.

You still havent slept” Han Zhuolis deep and husky voice sounded through her phone, making her feel warm in the dark cold night.

Moreover, Lu Man even felt as if it wasnt dark at all now as her surroundings were all glowing brightly yet softly because of Han Zhuoli.

“Yeah, I was waiting for your call,” Lu Man pulled her blanket up, right up to her chin.

She snuggled herself up in the blanket, basking in its warmth.

It was exceptionally cozy.

Han Zhuolis breathy, low laugh came through the phone.

In this quiet night, his laugh was remarkably clear to her ears.

Suddenly, it was as if an electric current surged through her body right to her heart, making her heart feel numb and tingly.

“You can rest assured now, Ive safely reached home,” Han Zhuoli said, smiling.

“You should go to sleep now.”

“Mmm, then… good night,” Lu Man said softly.

Suddenly, she did not want to end this call with him so soon.

Whenever she talked to Han Zhuoli over the phone, the corner of her mouth would unconsciously curl upwards into a smile, now it had become a habit unknown to her.

If someone were to see her right now, they would definitely be able to see the bliss on her face, happiness oozing straight from her heart.

“Thats all” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows and asked.

Lu Man was confused.

Seeing no response from her, Han Zhuoli asked, “Youre not going to give me a goodnight kiss”

Lu Man really pondered on how could she give him one through the phone.

After some consideration, she blew a kiss at the mouthpiece of her phone and felt a little silly.

The kiss sounded through the phone and Han Zhuoli heard it loud and clear.

“Good night,” Finding it a bit foolish and embarrassing, Lu Man quickly hung up the phone.

Han Zhuoli could not help but laugh at his phone, “Why did you hang up even before I could even give you a goodnight kiss”


On Monday, Lu Man went to work as usual.

When Sister Li and the others saw Lu Man, their hearts itched with curiosity, they were eager to know the exact relationship between Lu Man and the CEO.

However, since Brother Zhang and Sister Li were seniors and older, they were a little embarrassed to ask even though they were curious.

Whereas, Chen Shimian was more open-minded.

Even though he had his suspicions due to yesterdays interaction between Han Zhouli and Lu Man, he had forgotten about it after the event.

Therefore, while all of them kept looking at her with conflicted gazes, no one really had the courage to go up to Lu Man and ask her about it.

Knowing what they were thinking, Lu Man did not say anything either.

It suited her that they did not ask anything.

“Lu Man, I still have to congratulate you once again.

Yesterday, it was too messy during the awards ceremony, so I couldnt congratulate you properly,” Brother Zhang said, chuckling.

“Thank you.” Lu Man smiled.

“Thats right, Lu Man.


This award is really too precious,” Sister Li said too.

Just then, You Lili walked in.

“Lu Man, I got to know that you won the Golden Finger Best Newcomer Award.

Its extremely difficult to win this award.

Dont underestimate this Best Newcomer Award.

Every year, the best newcomer would always become the most likely candidate to win the Golden Finger Award.”


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