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Chapter 2359: Not Too Appropriate to Call Me Like This

Lu Man and Han Leilei both rolled their eyes dramatically in their hearts.

Lu Man faintly smiled and said, “Its fine.”

Han Leilei thought in her heart that Lu Man had received much more attention in the country.

Hence, why would she be afraid of this small amount of attention

“Right, dont you stay in the school” Oren asked Lu Man.

“No, I dont,” Lu Man replied to him.

“My husband and my family also came here with me.

My husband came here to handle some official business, and my family came along to travel.

Ill stay together with them and will come over for lessons and practices in the day.”

Oren didnt expect Han Zhuoli to have followed her here.

This was a little difficult to handle.

If Han Zhuoli was far across the ocean, he wouldnt be able to attend to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli would not know how Lu Man was doing here, and things would be much simpler.

It was a pity.

However, it would be more exciting to be sneaky.

He would have to look for a chance to do it.

“Right, I heard that you all are looking for a teacher to help with your rehearsal” Oren asked.

Lu Man was surprised as she did not expect Oren to hear about this matter within such a short period of time.

She smiled and said, “We couldnt find a teacher to help us with our rehearsal.

This is such a pitiful matter.

Does the whole acting class know about it”

“They dont,” Oren said.

“When one of the students from your team told the teacher about this matter before, a friend of mine happened to be present.

He was the one who told me about it.”

Oren paused before asking, “Do you all need help I can help you all to look for someone.”

Lu Mans impression of Oren was of a solicitous person who hid evil intentions.

Hence, Lu Man politely said, “Well think of a way ourselves first.

If we have no choice, then well trouble you.

Anyway, thank you for the offer.”

“Dont be so polite.” Oren exuded a charming smile.

“As you all are studying here, we are classmates.

Besides this, you all are guests when you come over.

Whether it is from the perspective of a classmate or a guest, I should offer help.”

Han Leilei thought in her heart that she had never seen him so willing to help people previously.

Lu Man did not answer him.

Soon, Oren continued to say, “Forgive me for not knowing your language.

Your names are a little hard to pronounce for us.

Lu Man, when I called your name, do you think that Ive pronounced it strangely”

It was indeed strange.

When foreigners spoke Chinese, most of them had a strange accent.

This was like when the Chinese spoke English.

When one did not live in the other partys environment, it was very difficult to speak accurately and naturally.

This could not be forced.

Hence, one would not laugh at the opposite party because of this.

It was good enough to be able to understand one another.

Thus, Lu Man said, “Its fine.

Anyway, I knew that youre calling me, and thats good enough.”

“But I feel that its a little hard to pronounce.

Furthermore, it seems very strange when I call your name,” Oren said.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Sorry, but I dont have an English name.”

“Its alright,” Oren said.

“Can I call you Lu or Man”

“… ” Lu Man was speechless.

She trembled and had goosebumps.

Han Leilei, who was at the side, directly rubbed her arms quietly.

“Sorry, our culture is not the same as yours.

Its not too appropriate for you to address me like that.” Lu Man directly rejected him.

He even wanted to call me Lu


Even Han Zhuoli had never called me like this.

However, if Han Zhuoli really called her like this, she would also get goosebumps.

It was too mushy.

Lu Man was really afraid of Orens narcissism.

Hence, she might as well tell him clearly.

“Moreover, Im not used to other people calling me that way.”

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