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“Thank you, everyone,” Lu Man expressed her gratitude to all of them.

Chen Shimian displayed great sportsmanship in defeat.

He was neither utterly devastated because he did not win the award nor jealous that Lu Man won while he did not.

“Lu Man, youre really awesome, youre the pride of our Public Relations Department!”

“You two,” Lu Man was very touched.

When Xia Mengxuan entered, she coincidentally heard them competing over congratulating Lu Man, and was extremely livid.

Xia Mengxuans face was caked with a thick layer of foundation, but it still could not conceal the dark circles under her eyes.

It was clear that she had been so furious these two days that she did not get a good rest at all.


Lu Man was pretty amazed by her too.

She could still be so enraged even after an entire weekend.

She sure had a lot of pent up anger.

Xia Mengxuan looked at Lu Man, her gaze full of hate and detest.

It was as if all of it was Lu Mans fault, making her lose face and the award.

But Lu Man just pretended as if she could not see anything and went to do her work.

However, Lu Man did not have peace for much longer and her phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

Lu Man thought that most probably it was a telemarketer.


“Hello, is this Lu Man, Miss Lu”

“Speaking.” Lu Man was confused.

“Who are you”

“Im from Le Dong Century.

We would like to know if you would be interested in joining our company to further your career Our companys Public Relations Department will definitely give you the biggest room for development.”  ( Boxno vel.

co m )

Lu Man did not expect that after winning the Best Newcomer Award, other companies would start headhunting her.

“Im sorry, Im currently not thinking about that.”

“Why dont you give it some more thought”

“No, its alright, thank you.

My current company has helped me a lot, I dont wish to leave.”

“Alright then.” The other party sounded disappointed.

“This is such a pity, but if you ever feel interested, feel free to contact me anytime.

You can just call on this number.”


Not long after Lu Man placed her phone down, CEO Jia who had spoken to Lu Qiyuan before about Lu Man called her personally.

“CEO Jia, thank you for your appreciation and thank you for your invitation.

However, my current success and opportunities were given to me by Han Corporation, so I dont feel like changing companies.

Sure, Ill contact you again.”

Right after she hung up, her phone rang again.

Call after call, they were all to headhunt her.

Suddenly, Xia Mengxuan picked up a file and slammed it onto the desk.

“Bam!” It shocked everyone in the office.

“Xia Mengxuan, are you out of your mind!” Chen Shimian said furiously.

“Lu Man, we are all busy at work, why is your phone constantly ringing! Clearly now youre so capable that there are so many companies fighting over scouting you over, right!” Xia Mengxuan jealous face was almost twisted out of shape.

“If youre going to pick up calls, head outside to do it! Over and over again, its so annoying!”

Even though Xia Mengxuan was using this opportunity to expel some of her anger, Lu Man had to admit that she really was at fault here and had disturbed others.

“Im sorry,” Lu Man apologized and put her phone on silent mode.

When she received any calls after that, if they were unknown numbers, she did not pick them again.

At noon, Lu Man headed to Han Zhuolis office.

Xia Mengxuan stared at her until Lu Mans figure finally disappeared behind the entrance of the office and said, “Dont you find it strange Where does Lu Man go every afternoon She has never eaten with any one of us nor has she ever gone to the companys cafeteria.

Ive never seen her bring a lunch box either.

At noon, Ive also never seen her leave the company, but she cant be found in the office either.”

Sister Li had never noticed it before, but now that Xia Mengxuan raised it up, she wasnt surprised.

She thought that she must have gone to the top floor to eat with him.

As Sister Li thought that, her expression changed suddenly.

She realized that ever since Lu Man entered the company, she had indeed never seen Lu Man around lunch time.

If she had really gone to eat with Han Zhuoli, then could it be that they…


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