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Chapter 2369: Distance

She had witnessed Lu Mans capabilities before.

Han Zhuoli was fearsome enough, but Lu Mans brains werent just for show either.

She really had to be more careful.

Wang Qianyun didnt persist.

Both called the waiter over softly to quickly pay their meal before exiting.

As they were waiting for the tab, they even turned their heads away from Han Zhuolis and Lu Mans direction in their nervousness, fearing they would be spotted.

When the waiter finally came back, Lin Jinshu settled the bill and pulled Wang Qianyun out.

Wang Qianyun asked Lin Jinshu worriedly at the door, “They didnt notice us, right”

Lin Jinshu didnt dare turn back at this time, fearing her strange action would draw stares.

But through the glass doors reflection, she could barely make out Han Zhuolis area.

“No,” Lin Jinshu said.

“Lets go.”

Hence, both made a hasty escape.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli both truly had no idea that the other two were in the same restaurant as well.

Both finished their hotpot and drove to the theater.

It was Lu Mans first time, be it watching “The Phantom of the Opera” live or being in such a theater.

Even though she had come in the afternoon, everything was still new and curious to her when entering a proper concert hall.

The couple entered the VIP box located on the second floor.

Information about tonights opera and the details about each act were placed at the side.

Further below was each actors introduction.

Robert was the Phantom in this play.

The Phantom was to be masked throughout the play, meaning that the actor would be unable to fully express himself through his facial expression.

He could only portray his character through his body language and lines.

How deep an impression the audience was left with would be entirely up to the actor himself if the audience had not read the novel.

This placed a huge challenge on the actor.

Hence, Robert getting the role of the Phantom was a testament to his brilliant acting skills.

Lu Man even spotted Hayer sitting at the opposite side.

He spotted them in return and waved at them with a huge grin.

She returned the gesture.

After a wait of nearly half an hour, the show started on time.

The lights dimmed, and only the stage spotlight was left on to draw focus to it.

Lu Man didnt expect Robert to be so good at singing as well.

Even if he was wearing a face mask and one was unable to see his face, the audience could still understand his character from his body language and tone.

And some even neglected the fact that he was masked.

The masks features were fixed, but with Roberts acting, the mask seemed to come alive.

With their own emotions, it was as if the audience could see Roberts face through it.

All forgot about the mask resting on Roberts face, and it was as if they were looking at Roberts own face all this while.

Lu Man knew that there was a distance between her own acting and that of such a top-tier actor.

But seeing it with her own eyes made her realize how great that gap was.

Everyone was fully immersed.

When the performance ended, the applause was thunderous.

The clapping didnt stop until the curtains had closed.

Then, the actors returned to the stage thrice to give their thanks.

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