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Chapter 2376: Unable To Refute

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Wu Zilin: “…”

She sounded so reasonable, he was unable to refute.

Most crucially, Lu Man actually admitted outright that she was petty and held grudges.

What else could he do

Say that she was small-minded

But shed already admitted it!

She wasnt afraid of him accusing her.

Wu Zilin was beyond frustrated.

What could he do

Whatever he said was useless against her thick skin.

Wu Zilin turned to the others.

“What about you guys Are you not letting me go either”

Han Leilei expressed her view first.

“Im with Lu Man.”

Zhang Xiaoying followed.

“Robert and Hayer were invited by Lu Man.

She has the authority to decide who can listen in or not.”

“Ha, youre all students from the same school.

Obviously, you will back each other up,” Wu Zilin said, eyes landing scornfully on Zhou Li.

Look how united the other schools students were!

Even if Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying had their conflicts with the other, once over here, Zhang Xiaoying completely supported Lu Man in every way.

Zhou Li, on the other hand, was his schoolmate, and she never once supported him.

They were representing Donghua Academy of Drama, yet Zhou Li didnt even know how to stand with him.

Instead, she sided with Lu Man and the others in ousting him.

Thinking about it made Wu Zilin sick to his core.

“Based on what youre saying, since Robert and Hayer were invited by Lu Man, will it also be okay if she doesnt let one of you join You wont have any opinion about that” Wu Zilin sneered.

“You cant put it that way.” Guo Hai pursed his lips.

“Youre no longer part of the team.

If Lu Man agrees to let you go, its because of our relationship as students here and not because its her obligation to do so; you should be thankful.

If she doesnt let you go, shes not wrong either, you dont have the right to fault her.”

“And were a whole team.

Lu Man invited the teachers for us all, so your hypothetical situation doesnt apply,” Tan Mingxiao added.

Sun Hezhou said, “Wu Zilin, no one is obligated to you nor owe you anything.

Youre not part of the team, you dont have the right to listen in.

Its not wrong to not let you go.”

“You picked on Lu Man in the past, and now that theres something to be gained, you want to make up.

Yet you didnt even apologize and even used words to coerce her, implying that she should agree and that refusing you would be her wrong.” Xu Chuansheng really looked down on Wu Zilins character.

“Ha, just based on this, I wouldnt have agreed if I was Lu Man.”

“Lets go,” Lu Man told everyone.

“Stop wasting time here.

Otherwise, Robert and Hayer would have to wait for us instead.”

“Right, right, right.” Guo Hai nodded.

“Lets go.”

Hence, no one spared Wu Zilin another look and all left in a flash.

In just a few seconds, the dormitory emptied, leaving Wu Zilin alone.

Wu Zilin could only stare at the door in stunned silence.

What did Lu Man just say

Speaking to him was a waste of time

Needless to say, Wu Zilin was splitting hairs right now.

As Lu Man and the others walked away, none of them felt guilty towards Wu Zilin.

“Wu Zilin is probably regretting it so hard right now..

If it wasnt for his own actions, hed be getting Robert and Hayers guidance too.

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