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Chapter 2377: Gaping in Shock

“Who knows if hes really regretting his actions” Zhou Li sighed.

“Likely not,” Sun Mengying said.

“You heard what he said just now.

He didnt even see his mistakes! Hes probably feeling like were picking on him and sucking up to Lu Man.”

Sun Mengying actually got it right.

Thats Wu Zilins mentality right now.

Everyone rushed to the practice rooms building entrance.

They originally wanted to receive Robert and Hayer at the school entrance, but the idea got rejected by the two.

A bunch of people waiting by the school entrance was too eye-catching.

The two wanted to come quietly.

Hence, they did not want too much fanfare.

Though they wanted to keep a low profile, Robert and Hayer were far too famous.

At least, for the normal audience, the names of Hollywood stars were better known than the Broadway folks.

But this was a school for acting, and so the two were renowned.

Over here, they were almost god-like.

Everyone knew them, especially students majoring in acting.

Both merely stepped into the school and they were recognized instantly.

“Oh gosh! Its Robert and Hayer!”

“What are they doing here”

“Were they invited by the school to teach”

“Goodness! What class How come I didnt know I wanna sign up!”

“Perhaps theyre giving a public lecture once and it isnt a permanent thing.”

“They wont be permanent lecturers for sure, but a public lecture is good too! But why didnt I hear the school inform us Im checking my email and see if I missed anything.”

“Ive just checked, the school didnt send notification.

Perhaps theyre here for an interview”

“Stop fooling around.

When do guest lecturers have to be interviewed Even if they got invited, theyre the ones with packed schedules.

Why do they even need interviews”

Everyone made blind guesses, none hitting the mark.


Brady, Mr.

Hardison,” some students called out.

Brady was Roberts surname, and Hardison naturally referred to Hayer.

“Are you here to be lecturers” someone asked.

“In a sense.” Robert didnt plan on hiding anything since word would get out anyway.

“Were here to guide the exchange students performance.”


Everyone was stunned.

“The team of exchange students from the four schools” someone asked.

“Thats right.” Hayer nodded.

“Were helping them rehearse.”

News of Robert and Hayer appearing at the school spread like wildfire within the whole campus.

Many students came upon hearing their names.

Even the first team from their performing class facing the exchange students heard about it.

They had wanted to see Lu Man and the others humiliate themselves.

With no one to guide them and with their low standards, their play on stage would certainly be a joke and a horrible mess.

And now somebodys telling them that Robert and Hayer were here to help them

“Surely you mustve heard wrong!” Albertine gaped in shock.

“Maybe the message got passed wrongly The words got messed up as the news spread,” Julia said.

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