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Chapter 2378: Why so Thick-skinned

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“Possible,” Alfron, who relayed the message, said.

They were gathered at the practice room and about to rehearse, but hearing Alfrons news made them agitated.

Oren was here too.

Yes, he had told Lu Man that he could help them find a teacher.

And if Lu Man had really requested it, he would have helped.

Of course, with conditions attached.

He had to gain something back from Lu Man, shouldnt he

Like getting a kiss from her, or securing a date with her, something like that.

Of course, even if Lu Man agreed, he wouldnt find any good teacher for her.

Wouldnt that be equivalent to helping the exchange team

Oren merely wanted to find an average teacher as a superficial solution.

Even if he was confident about winning, he never intended for the others to improve.

But Lu Mans rejection yesterday was also within his expectation.

If she fell for his tricks so easily, itd be uninteresting.

And she had managed to get Han Zhuolis attention, so there must be something unique about her.

At the very least, she knew how to leave a man in suspense, knowing she couldnt agree to his terms easily.

Theyd only spoken of this yesterday, and Lu Man did say she would think of something else.

Unexpectedly, two teachers actually came today.

And theyre Robert and Hayer!

He wouldnt have believed it if they said they werent invited by Lu Man.

Oren couldnt sit still anymore and said, “Come, lets go see.”

“Go, go, go.”

“Right, lets go!”

All filed out of the practice room.

When they got downstairs, they saw Lu Man and the others waiting by the entrance.

A simple count showed all 10 of them were there.

If they werent waiting for a team member, were they really waiting for Robert and Hayer

Helena walked over, asking, “Lu Man, we heard Robert and Hayer are here.

They say theyre here as your rehearsal teachers”

Lu Man nodded, admitting, “Thats right, were waiting for them.”

Helena was surprised.

“You really managed to invite them as your teachers”

Helena was a straightforward person, never mincing her words.

This made her resemble Pan Xue a little, though shes not as obtuse as Pan Xue.

Helena was pretty and was heavily supported by her company.

Shes one of the new generation idols.

She might be slightly prideful as a result, but like Shana, she wasnt a bad person.

When you got to know her, youd discover her cute side.

For instance, Helena might have said she liked Oren, but she never gave up the entire forest for this lone tree.

She knew Oren was interested in Lu Man, but she didnt pick on Lu Man like all the other brainless girls did.

“Thats right.” Lu Man was thus friendly towards Helena too.

“Because Robert and Hayer had been to our school as judges before.”

Lu Man added, “Thats when we won against your second-string team.”

Helena: “…”

She still remembered that clearly, no need to explain.

“Robert felt I had potential then, and he said that if I ever came to the US, I should look for him,” Lu Man continued.

Helena: “…”

This woman, how could she be so thick-skinned

The fact that Robert was gay wasnt hidden.

Hed been very open about it, so everyone knew and wouldnt think negatively about Lu Man.

Shana came up smiling and pulled on Helenas arm.

“Now, now, shes only kidding!”

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