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Chapter 2394: Made Ten Trips to the Washroom

Its true that it was only a competition among the students themselves.

However, the team members from New York University had many of their own fans.

Hence, there was a huge demand for the tickets.

The night before the competition, Han Leilei and the others were so nervous that they couldnt sleep.

All of them hugged their scripts and didnt want to let go.

They wished so much that they could read their scripts the whole night.

They were already so familiar with every word, and even every punctuation, in their scripts.

They were not only familiar with their own lines and the punctuation in their lines, but they had also achieved this standard for the whole script.

Although this was the case, they were still so nervous that they couldnt sleep.

“What if I cant perform well tomorrow” Sun Mengying nervously asked.

“Perform as usual and dont wish for an exceptional performance.

Just follow our usual standard during rehearsals,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“Our usual performance during rehearsals may not be considered as incredible, but at least Robert and Hayer have given us a passing grade.

This shows that our performance is watchable.

“Dont be afraid of not performing well.

We have practiced so many times and are already so familiar with it.

The movements for the performance are already in our subconscious.

By just moving our hands, well naturally perform everything.

“Hence, Its not possible for us to not perform well.

The worst that could happen is that we give an ordinary performance.

Well have to see if we can perform better than usual,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

After hearing those words, Sun Mengying became a little more calm.

Of course, she still felt nervous in her heart.

It was impossible for her nervousness to disappear just by listening to a few words.

Furthermore, her nervousness made her heart beat even faster.

But at least she could feel slightly more at ease.

Sun Mengying looked at Zhang Xiaoying admiringly.

“Xiaoying, how can you be so calm! I really admire you.”

She was indeed someone who had entered the entertainment industry very early and was used to big occasions.

Hence, her experience was really different.

Han Leilei just came out from the washroom.

When she heard Sun Mengyings words, she looked at Zhang Xiaoying.

The moment Han Leilei looked at her, she laughed.

“What about her is calm! Look at her fingernails.

She has clutched her hands until they have turned pale.”

“Ah” Sun Mengying took a look…

And saw that Zhang Xiaoyings hands had been interlocked when she spoke to her.

As she had used strength to interlock her hands, her fingertips had turned pale.

Sun Mengying felt that if she touched her hands now, she might feel the sweat in her palms.

Sun Mengying: “… ”

Even Zhang Xiaoying, who was used to big occasions, was also nervous.

Hence, Sun Mengying felt that she wasnt alone.

As Zhang Xiaoying had been exposed by Han Leilei, she furiously said, “Youre talking about me Why dont you count the number of trips you have made to the washroom tonight I have been counting for you.

Its 11:30 now.

Since 9 oclock until now, you have already made 10 trips to the washroom within two and a half hours.

On average, you made a trip every 15 minutes.”

Zhang Xiaoying was really direct to have said this.

After drinking and eating a little, Han Leilei had had to relief herself immediately.

Han Leilei: “…”

“Are you bored You even counted the number of times I went to the washroom.

Cant I go to the washroom to wash my hands” Han Leilei felt uneasy as she spoke.

“Im not nervous.

I just want to divert my attention.” Zhang Xiaoying pouted her lips.

Han Leilei: “…”

Youre nervous and want to divert your attention.

But you diverted your attention to counting the number of trips I made to the washroom!

As the two of them teased each other, Sun Mengying, who was at the side, let out a chuckle.

Zhang Xiaoying and Han Leilei looked at Sun Mengying together.

Sun Mengying stuck out her tongue and immediately made a gesture of surrender as she raised her hands beside her ears.

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