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Chapter 2400: Wont Be So Shameless

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Principal Liu thought so too.

He was about to say something when another round of commotion began.

When they turned to the source of the sound, they saw a bunch of people jostling around someone.

They could not see exactly who it was because that person was completely surrounded by people.

But very soon, they heard someone exclaiming in surprise, “Bourbotte! Its Bourbotte! He actually came!”

“What is he here for Just to watch the competition Or to be a judge”

These were questions that Principal Liu and the others were curious about.

Principal Zhang frowned and said, “Their school probably wont be so shameless, right! They clearly know that Bourbotte and Lu Man have had a conflict before.

If Bourbotte is really here to be a judge, then Lu Man and her team can forget about getting any good results.”

Bourbotte would definitely not give any high marks.

It was not because he thought the worst of Bourbotte.

Its that Bourbottes magnanimity was really not that great.

“If Bourbotte is really here to be a judge, we will go and protest together,” Principal Lu said.

“Their school would really be shameless.”

Luckily, Bourbotte was not here to be a judge.

They saw Howard going to welcome Bourbotte and sitting down with him in the audience seating area.

Not long after, the four judges were escorted in by security guards and sat at the panel.

When everyone took a clear look at the judges the school had invited this time around, everyone cheered out loud!

It was actually the world-renowned director, Chamberlain.

“Its Chamberlain!” Even Dong Qinrong was awed.

“I didnt expect them to approach Chamberlain.

They really spent a lot this time.”

By doing this, they were competing with the National Film Academy.

Previously, at the exchange competition in your National Film Academy, you guys have approached domestic directors and actors, as well as Robert and Hayer.

You think that your panel of judges was impressive

This time, we have just invited Chamberlain over!

Whos the more impressive one Isnt it obvious now

Chamberlain—Hollywoods top-notch director and an internationally acclaimed big shot director.

He had directed only a total of five films, but every film entered the Global Top 100 list of blockbuster films by box office sales.

And the most impressive part was, the total box office sales of all his five films combined ranked no.

1 globally!

This was enough to show how impressive Chamberlain was.

Following right after Chamberlain was Hollywoods top-notch actor, Lenard.

“I heard his film commission rates are already as high as 60 million USD,” someone exclaimed.

Beside Lenard was the female celebrity, Zoey.

The last judge was the famous stage play director, Grijec.

Grijec might not be as familiar to the audience and not as impressive-sounding as the first three judges.

But to the people who learned performing professionally, his reputation was comparable to Chamberlains level.

The audience members all stood up and started snapping photos frantically.

The security officers could only struggle to maintain order.

Not long after, Robert and Hayer also came over.

As their tickets came from Lu Man, Robert and Hayer sat together with Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, and the Han Family members.

Han Zhuofeng sat beside Han Zhuoli.

Ever since he came here, Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling had been busy working.

Han Zhuofeng did not laze around either.

He did not follow Old Mrs.

Han and the others to tour around the place.

It was Han Zhuoli who had found a famous director who happened to be directing a film during this period.

Han Zhuofeng then followed and learned alongside the director.

An opportunity like this was probably one that many people would not be able to get in their whole life.

As the youngest in the Han Family, Han Zhuofeng had this kind of privilege.

He could already learn from famed domestic directors when he was in the country..

Now that he came here, he could continue learning from an internationally acclaimed big shot director.

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