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Chapter 2404: If They Had to Die, They Wanted to Drag Someone Down with Them

Furthermore, it could make them perform poorly and disgrace themselves.

Why not

Alfron was the only man to follow Shana and the others to leave.

Seeing that, Jared said mockingly, “Useless trash, go and mix with the women, then!”

“Arent you all leaving” Lu Man asked.

“We are not.

What can you all do to us” Albertine disdainfully said.

“Beat us up”

Lu Man smiled.

“Why should I dirty my hands to deal with b*stards”

Following that, Lu Man rushed up the stage and shouted, “Albertine! You all are too despicable! We are about to go on stage to compete.

On what basis are you all stopping us! Are you all so afraid of losing If you depend on despicable means like this, it wont be glorious even if you win!”

Han Leilei was the closest to Lu Man.

Soon, she reacted to Lu Man and acted according to her motive.

She also hurriedly shouted and signaled everyone to follow her.

It was alright if they couldnt be heard clearly from outside.

It was fine as long as their shouts could be heard on this side.

The rest of them also understood and yelled one after another, “You all are too much! Are you all so afraid of losing”

“I really wonder whether you all had also used despicable means to win in the competitions in those previous years!”

Everyone on Lu Mans side said something.

It was chaotic and noisy as each of them yelled.

They were also not afraid of spoiling their vocal cords, which would affect their performance shortly.

Anyway, they had already been affected by Albertine and the others.

It had not been easy for them to adjust their emotions so as to immerse themselves in their roles.

However, Albertine had ruined it all.

Following this, they did not know what would happen when they got on stage.

Hence, they might as well shame Albertine and the others now.

To put it bluntly, even if they had to die, they also wanted to take others down with them.

Albertine was confused by their sudden actions.

“What are you all doing! What is this!”

When the others sensed that something wasnt right, they hurriedly pulled Albertine to leave.

Guo Hai, one of the five men in the team, also reacted quickly.

As Shana had already pulled some people away earlier, only five people remained here.

Guo Hai and the other men blocked the remaining five people here and did not let them leave.

It was simple for them to do so.

Besides practicing performance techniques these last few days, the people on Lu Mans team had also practiced their vocals.

Their vocal practices these past few days were not in vain.

At least their voices were loud and had spread to the stage very clearly.

The audience seated far might not be able to hear them that clearly.

But the audience seated in the front half of the theater had heard them.

The four judges looked at one another in shock.

Hence, Chamberlain sent someone to enquire.

“Whats going on Whats happening backstage”

The principal frowned and hurriedly got up.

At that moment, a staff member from the school walked toward him and said something in his ear.

When he heard it, the principals face changed.

He hurriedly went backstage with someone.

Chamberlain was curious and also followed to have a look.

The other three judges also followed them.

Lu Man then warned the others, “Someones coming!”

When Guo Hai and the others heard this, they hurriedly retreated.

They didnt want others to think that they were attacking the people from the other team.

That would not be good.

As soon as Guo Hai and the others retreated, Albertine and the rest wanted to leave immediately.

But just as they were about to leave, the principal had already brought someone in and saw both parties having a standoff.

“Whats happening” the principal asked with a sullen face.

“The noise from you all had spread to the front of the stage.”

Principal Liu and the three principals also followed behind.

They had to follow!

As they were in someone elses territory, they were afraid that their own students would be at a disadvantage.

“Whats happening” Principal Liu asked Lu Man.

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