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Chapter 2405: Is This Another of Lu Mans Traps

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As Lu Man looked calm and was not anxious at all, Principal Liu thought to himself, Is this another of Lu Mans traps

However, when the rest of them looked over, Lu Man immediately became furious and her face even turned red from anger.

“After they had finished performing and came back, Albertine said that they had obviously performed very well, but the four judges said that their performance was very mediocre.

Hence, how could they show that they had the ability to crush and defeat us”

Lu Man still remembered Shanas and Helenas good intentions.

She knew that if she had mentioned more people, the judges would likely believe that Albertines whole team had thought this way.

Just like what Ashley had said, the judges would not differentiate who had said what.

They would only look at them as a whole.

This was unfair to Shana and the others who did not say anything.

Hence, even though Lu Man knew that Albertine and a few others had said those words, in order to protect Shana and the rest, she could only take it out on Albertine.

The rest of them were considered lucky.

“You!” Albertine was so furious that he stared until his eyes were like bronze bells.

Didnt Lu Man say that she was busy preparing to go on stage and did not hear anything just now

In the end, she turned around and betrayed him by telling everyone what they had said.


“Did you really say this” the principal asked Albertine with a sullen face.

Albertine then noticed that the faces of the four judges looked very bad.

“No, I didnt.

I… ”

Lu Man interrupted Albertine and continued to say, “When he said those words, we were standing here and preparing to go on stage.

His teammate had reminded him not to say such words.

Then he realized what he had done.

But when he saw us, he was afraid that we would spread what he had said.

Hence, he came and warned us not to tell anyone.”

When Lu Man talked about Albertines teammates, everyone discovered that team one had been split into two factions.

Five people were in one faction that had stayed far away from trouble.

The other five people were in the second faction.

Albertine and the rest of them belonged to this faction.

Ashley was unlucky.

She had obviously warned Albertine.

But because she also did not have good intentions toward Lu Man and the others, she was swayed by Albertines behavior.

Hence, she did not leave with Shana and the others just now and even stayed by Albertines side.

Hence, she was misunderstood by the judges.

When the rest of them saw these two factions, they would naturally think that Shanas faction was the one that had warned Albertine.

It was obvious that they were unwilling to participate in this disgraceful matter.

Hence, they had retreated.

Naturally, if Lu Man and her teammates wanted to settle account or bear grudges, they would not include Shana and the others.

And Lu Man had planned all these.

Even if Shana and the rest of them couldnt understand Lu Mans intention immediately on the spot, they became aware of it after the matter and were extremely grateful to her.

Of course, these came in later.

Lu Man continued to say, “I said that we were busy preparing to go on stage to perform and were simply not bothered with what he had said.

But he still pestered us endlessly.

“As we were only performing a small segment of a drama, there was no time for us to prepare our emotions according to the development of the story.

We could only prepare our emotions in advance based on the characters personalities and emotions in this segment.

The moment we went on stage, we had to immerse ourselves in our roles immediately.

“I had also told Albertine that before they went on stage, our team had sat far away as we were afraid of disturbing them.”

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