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Chapter 2407: A Sure-win Situation

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“Even if you all perform better than them because of this, I wont think that you all won,” Chamberlain said.

“I am really sorry,” the principal said to Lu Man and the others, as well as to Principal Liu and the rest.

“They are too unbecoming.

I will just disqualify their competition results.”

“So we will win by a walkover” Lu Man asked back and shook her head as she continued, “This is not what we want.

“How is this considered a win A win like this would not be honorable.

Just like what we said previously, we respect the competition and the opponent.

No matter whether we win or lose, we just want a fair chance,” Lu Man said.

“If we lose, we have to lose fairly.

If we win, we have to win honorably too.”

Lu Man turned and asked her teammates, “What do you guys think”

“I agree!” Guo Hai nodded in agreement.

“Winning without competing, that will make other people mock us for getting a free win, saying that it was not based on our real capabilities.

Wherever we go, people will still mock us and be disdainful of us.”

“We still want to go up on stage.

Even if we lose, we will admit defeat.

After hearing the feedback from the panel of judges about our shortcomings, we will go back and correct them.

We will keep correcting our shortcomings and improve ourselves.

There will come a day when we can surpass those who boasted about their own capabilities and looked down on us,” Tan Mingxiao said.

“If we lose this time, at least we will lose fairly.

If we win, we will also win honorably,” Han Leilei said.

And even if they lose, wont the outside world still mock the people in the top team for winning dishonorably

No matter what the capability of the exchange team was, without the top teams disruption, they might similarly still have lost.

But there were no ifs.

The top team had really disrupted them.

So, the moment the exchange team lost, most people would put most of the responsibility on the top teams behavior.

In this way, the top team would have been the one to win dishonorably.

But if, she was saying if…

If luck was on their side and they won…

Then other people would say that the top teams disruptive behavior could not even stop the exchange team from winning.

What would that show

It would show that the exchange teams capabilities were indeed very strong.

The top team would no longer be able to make the cut.

Resorting to underhand means just to win and ending up still losing, and losing even more disgracefully at that.

At first, because of Albertines disruptive behavior, the people in the exchange team were extremely disgusted by him and felt really upset.

But because of what Lu Man did, the situation had been turned instantly around.

Now it became such that no matter whether they won or lost, it would not be a bad thing for them at all.

Even if they lost, no one would blame them.

The pressure and the stress they felt previously all disappeared.

They could completely relax and perform.

As long as they did not perform too badly, there should be no problem at all.

Everyone thought about it and felt that this was really an advantageous thing on so many levels.

Whether they won or lost, it would still be considered a win for them.

Since they felt no pressure, then the nervousness they felt at first was all gone.

They could completely relax and could face the performance in an even more relaxed manner as well.

Everyone expressed that they were more willing to go up to compete.

Perhaps their capabilities might not be as strong, but they would not run away from this.

“Well said!” Principal Liu praised in a loud voice.

“These are our students, this shows our sportsmanship!”

Lu Man and the others had especially spoken in English so that the others could understand as well.

The four judges nodded in admiration and said, “Very good.

You all are very good.”

Chamberlain finally gave a smile and said, “I very much look forward to your performance.

No matter what your capabilities are now, I believe that in the future, your capabilities will surely become very strong.”

Grijec smiled and said, “Then well go back and prepare ourselves while we wait for their performance.”

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