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The person at the edge of the circle suddenly hit the film lamp in the studio.

The professional film lamp in the film studio was tall, big and extremely heavy.

Once it got hit, the stand of the lamp was unable to support the heavy weight of the lamp.

It started wobbling, almost about to fall.

The head of the lamp was extremely big and as it was about to fall down and hit the people standing below it, scared and stunned, the people below could only cover the heads, squatting and screaming loudly.

“Bam!” Following it there was a pin drop silence in the studio.

At the moment, the girl who was squatting exactly below the light realized that the lamp hadnt crashed and hit her even after a long time.

She blinked and finally turned back cautiously.

She realized that the lamp that was going to fall on her had landed on an empty spot instead.

“Are you alright” Lu Man stretched out her hand towards her.

She felt that the other person looked rather familiar like she was a colleague from another department in the company.

“What… what happened” Hu Zhonghui was still lingering in the shock and fear of the moment and was rather disoriented.

Right now, Hu Zhonghui was the girl standing at the edge and the people around her were all ordinary employees from Han Corporation.

All of them started explaining all of once, talking animatedly, “She saved you.

You should quickly thank her!”

“That was too amazing.

She moved so fast! Just now, right as the lamp was about to hit you, she suddenly threw a flying kick and the lamp crashed towards the opposite side,” one female employee gestured excitedly, “Her moves were so cool! She lifted her leg so high and straight, it looked even better than in movies!”

Finally, Hu Zhonghui came to her senses.

She hurriedly tried to stand up, only to realize that her legs were all jelly from her shock.

She could only hold on to Lu Mans hand and was pulled up by Lu Man.

“You must be Lu Man!” Hu Zhonghui held onto Lu Mans hand, and said gratefully, “Thank you, thank you so much.

If not I would have been smashed to pieces.”

“Youre welcome.

I just tried to help when I could, it was nothing,” Lu Man did not mind it, but seeing how grateful Hu Zhonghui was, she indeed became a little happy.

“Oh right, Im a celebrity managers assistant from the Artiste department.

My name is Hu Zhonghui,” Hu Zhonghui introduced herself.

Her goal was to become an actual manager, but since she didnt really have any aspiring talents with her, how could she become a manager So she could only start as an assistant and slowly work her way up.

“In the future, if theres anything you need my help with, feel free to tell me!” Hu Zhonghui said gratefully.

“It was really nothing, you dont have to take it to heart,” Lu Man replied, smiling.

“I cant just forget about it, you saved my life!” Hu Zhonghui said, “If I was hit by it, I would have needed to be hospitalized and take leave from work.

Right now, the competition and stress are both so great that if I dont work for even one day, I will be replaced by someone else.

If I were to lose my job, I wouldnt have the money for my medical treatment, and without money, I would have been disabled forever.

So you really saved my life!”

Lu Man: “…”

She was almost all confused by her words!

From afar, in the center of the studio, Mi Qiansong was looking in their direction.

At that moment, she turned away and headed off to say something to the Wushu director and Director Sun Yiwu.

The Wushu director Chang Xianjin and Sun Yiwu both looked over.

Sun Yiwu stared for quite a while, and then nodded his head, saying something to Mi Qiansong.

While Hu Zhonghui was thanking Lu Man, the security officers were also trying to maintain the order.

After the security officers separated Xia Mengxuan and that female artiste.

Manager Hao from the Artiste Department personally came over.

“Both of you, get out!”

Seeing what had happened just now, Xia Mengxuan was still a little frightened from the after-shock.

But now that everything was fine, she started feeling brave again.

Upon realizing that Lu Man was the one who solved the problem, she started hating Lu Man even more.

It was Lu Man messing her plans, causing trouble for her.

If Lu Man wasnt here, there wouldnt be so much trouble!


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