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Chapter 2422: Letter

If Yijun could not hold out…

Babies bodies were weak to begin with and would fall sick easily.

Falling sick was an uncomfortable feeling, so they would keep crying and refuse to sleep.

If they refused to sleep and refused to keep quiet, disturbing those gangsters.

How would they deal with him

Xia Qingweis mind kept having such thoughts.

She sat on the chair, covering her face, bending the upper half of her body over, leaning hard against her knees.

Her whole person was crouched into a ball on the chair.

Wang Juhuai hugged Xia Qingwei.

His eyes were reddened.

He was clearly very worried, but there was nothing he could do.

He really hated the helpless feeling he felt because he could not do anything right now and was not in control of anything.

He felt too useless.

He could only wait for the polices results to come out while there was nothing else he could do.

Where did they bring Yijun to

Who exactly was the one who captured him

Where should they go and look

It was as if he was trying to find a needle in a haystack.

He did not have a single clue at all.

Han Zhuoli, who was in the hospital, suddenly thought of someone at this moment.

Fu Yinxiu!

The Wen Familys intelligence organization was like a spider web in the country, densely weaved across 9.6 million square kilometers of rivers and mountains from which nothing could escape…

And Fu Yinxius Spines enjoyed the same reputation and status here.

Spines had an interest in expanding its operations in the country, but they only limited it to the economy.

They would not touch on any of the Wen Familys interests within the country.

This was the chemistry both sides had with each other.

Han Zhuoli instantly called Chu Zhaoyang, because Chu Zhaoyang and Fu Yinxius relationship was quite good.

To put it more accurately, he had known Fu Yinxius wife since he was young, so they were on really good terms.

Of course, there was no romance between them.

If not, the two of them would have gotten together long ago.

And Chu Zhaoyangs wife, Gu Nian, was one of the very outstanding officers within the Spines Intelligence Department.

For the incident here, they could ask Spines to help them investigate, and their speed should be faster than that of the police.

Han Zhuoli smacked his head.

His mind had gotten more dense because Lu Man was unconscious now.

He actually forgot about such an important thing.

He spoke to Chu Zhaoyang about the situation over here.

Chu Zhaoyang said, “I will contact Fu Yinxiu immediately.”

After they ended the call, a few minutes later, Fu Yinxiu personally called.

Han Zhuoli then switched to video call, because together with Fu Yinxiu was also the supervisor of the intelligence department, Bian Daoren.

Gu Nian had been discovered by Bian Daoren, who had pulled her into the Spines Intelligence Department.

Bian Daoren was not his nickname.

His last name was really Bian, and his first name Daoren.

But Bian Daoren really lived up to his name.

He indeed had a way when it came to divination.

Han Zhuoli told Fu Yinxiu about the situation in detail.

“Got it.

I will immediately send people to investigate,” Fu Yinxiu said.

“Many thanks.” With Fu Yinxius help, Han Zhuoli heaved a sigh of relief.

“Youre too polite.” Fu Yinxiu hung up and immediately tasked people to investigate it.

Han Zhuoli also told Han Zhuoling about it for both sides to work together, lest Fu Yinxiu sent someone over and Han Zhuoling did not know.

Afterward, Han Zhuoli then told Wang Juhuai about this matter.

Knowing that Fu Yinxiu had also intervened in this, Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei could finally feel a bit more hope in their hearts.

Wang Juhuai had just ended his call with Han Zhuoli when he received a call from Wei Zhong.

Just now, when Wang Juhuai was speaking to Han Zhuoli, Wei Zhong had already called.

But the call could not go through, which had made him extremely anxious.

“Sir, you finally answered,” Wei Zhong said anxiously.

“A letter was sent here.

Its regarding little Young Master.

I opened it to read first.

The other party made it clear not to report to the police.

I will take a photo of the letter and send it to you first.”

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