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Chapter 2424: Have You Decided

He then returned to the hotel first with Xia Qingwei to take the original letter.

That letter had been placed in a clear plastic ziploc bag similar to those used for storing evidence, the bag sealed.

“What if there are fingerprints on the letter” Wei Zhong said.

“Just in case, I learned from those detective shows and placed it in here.”

“Thats good.” Wang Juhuai took the letter that was carefully stored and brought Xia Qingwei to go and find Han Zhuoling.

Bian Daoren was with Han Zhuoling right then, and he immediately tasked someone to inspect the letter.

Wang Juhuai mentioned the three suspects he had in mind.

“I am suspecting Lin Jinshu more,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I was just on the phone with Zhuoli.

Both of us think that Lu Man getting hurt and Yijun getting snatched away are incidents that can be connected together.

Coincidentally, at the Mega Charity Gala previously, Wang Qianyuns attitude was also different from the past.

At that time, we didnt think that they would actually resort to committing crimes.

“But now, pairing Lu Man and Yijuns matter together, plus this letter, the likelihood of it being Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun is a little bigger,” Han Zhuoling said.

But those two peoples brains might not be in a very good state.

They could only think of such despicable and lowly ideas.

But since Wang Juhuai had said Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were also likely suspects, Han Zhuoling would not let go of this lead either.

His men went to investigate Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing while Bian Daoren sent people to investigate Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

At this moment, Wang Juhuais phone rang.

The caller was an unfamiliar number.

When Wang Juhuai took it out, Bian Daoren saw the number calling in on his phone screen from his peripheral vision and immediately pressed on his hand, stopping him for a moment.

When Wang Juhuai looked over, Bian Daoren said, “This is a number from a burner phone.

I think it might very well be the person who had kidnapped Yijun and sent you that letter.”

Wang Juhuai instantly understood what Bian Daoren meant.

Bian Daoren waved and someone immediately came over and placed a very small thing that was similar to a card reader on Wang Juhuais phone.

He then opened the tablet and began tracking the number.

“You can answer now,” Bian Daoren said.

The other party thought that by using a burner phone number, it would not be possible to be tracked.

But in fact, as long as that burner phone made a call through the telecommunications network, they would be able to track the number.

The only way they would not be able to track it would be if they lacked facilities and technological sophistication.

Many of the tech products that the Wen Family had were not available to the police.

They could only purchase or rent it from the Wen Family.

Some were even limited to renting out but were not for sale.

Those technologies were in the hands of the Wen Family itself.

It was the same for Spines as well.

Wang Juhuai turned on the loudspeaker.


“Wang Juhuai.” The other party used a voice changer.

It sounded like a very hoarse, male voice.

“Who are you” Wang Juhuai asked.

“You dont need to know who I am,” the other party said.

“You saw that letter, right Have you decided on it”

“Is Lin Jinshu the one instructing you to do this” Wang Juhuai immediately asked.

“Who is Lin Jinshu I dont know her.

You dont need to try to cheat me either.

Of course I cant tell you who I am,” the other party said.

“You just need to tell me whether you have decided and whether you want to divorce Xia Qingwei.”

“Why exactly do you want me to divorce Qingwei” Wang Juhuai asked.

“The only person who will want to make us divorce… apart from Lin Jinshu, I cant think of anyone else.”

“I said before, you dont need to try and cheat me! I dont know any Lin Jinshu, but judging from what you say, looks like there are quite a few people who want you to divorce,” the other party said.

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