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Chapter 2425: Decision

“Let me warn you.

If you try to uncover my identity without divorcing Xia Qingwei, then from now on, you can forget about seeing your son ever again.” The anger in the other partys tone was still so apparent even under the guise of the voice changer.

Wang Juhuai certainly did not dare to take this risk.

“Okay, I will stop asking.

What exactly do you want by calling”

“Ive said this many times already.

Have you decided” the other party asked.

Wang Juhuai said, “Before that, can you tell me why you must insist that we divorce”

“Looks like you dont want to see your son again,” the other party said.

“Fine, I know your decision now.”

“Wait! Wait!” Wang Juhuai urgently said.

“I agree to your request!”

The other party did not hang up.

“Looks like your so-called deep love between husband and wife only comes as far as this.

But its true, no matter what, it cant be compared to your sons life.”

Xia Qingwei covered her mouth, her tears falling in an instant.

Was the other party really planning to harm Yijun

She clutched Wang Juhuais elbow tightly and said, “Yijun, Yijun, is he…”

Wang Juhuai held back his tears forcefully and sucked in a deep breath.

He did not even dare to ask to hear Yijuns voice.

If Yijun did not cry or make a fuss and refused to make a sound, the other party would surely hit Yijun to make him believe.

Wang Juhuai took a deep breath and said, “But we didnt register our marriage here.

If we want to divorce, we have to go back to our country to sign the papers.

We wont be able to divorce here.

So if we were to divorce, we cant do it now immediately.”


Dont think of dragging things and playing for time.

If you really want to divorce, you can go back now to do it,” the other party said.

“But my son is still in your hands, how can we leave” Wang Juhuai immediately said.

“I know the Han Family people are still here.

Do you not trust them” the other party said.

“I can promise you, as long as you sign the divorce papers in the country and come out with the divorce certificate, I will immediately return the child to the Han Family members.

Before you come back, you will be able to hear news of your sons safe return.”

The other party paused for a moment and said, “You have up until midnight tonight.

If youre sitting on the flight back home before then, I will know your answer.

But once its past midnight and you still havent left, then you can forget about seeing your son again.

“You still have 13 hours of time.

You can think about it.” After the other party finished speaking, without waiting for Wang Juhuai to say anything more, the person hung up the call.

Wang Juhuai immediately asked, “How is it Did you find it”

The person that Bian Daoren found was Gu Nians colleague Krum.

Gu Nian was in the country branch of Spines back home.

Most of the time, she was cooperating with the police to do some intelligence-related work.

Initially, there was a period of time when she was here, working together with Bian Daoren.

Krum made an OK gesture and said, “Found it.”

Bian Daoren saw the location displayed on the tablet screen and said, “Inform the police.

At the same time, inform the Second Guard.

Tell them to send a team of people.

In case the police officers make a misstep, they can immediately fill the gap to make sure nothing goes wrong in the operation!”

“Understood!” Krum immediately went to arrange the matter.

Xia Qingwei gaped and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can we… can we come along”

Bian Daoren thought it was some difficult issue.

When he heard this, he smiled and said, “Of course you can.

But while we are carrying out the mission, you both have to stay in the car and not move around, because we dont know what exactly is the situation over at the other partys side and how dangerous it is.

Until we save Yijun and pass him to the two of you, both of you cannot leave the car.

Can you both do this”

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