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Chapter 2427: Found

Under Jia Jias command, the surveillance drone successfully entered the villa, infiltrating every blind spot in there and fixing their positions in place.

Hence, every spot of the villas interior appeared on the screens before Krum.

Just as Krum brought the interior view of the villa under his control, two members of the Second Guard had also reached the exterior of the villa.

The two infiltrated the villa from the front and back respectively.

Krum said to the two, “Theres also a basement in the villa.

The child might very likely be hidden in the basement.”

“Roger that,” the two Second Guards said.

At this moment, the police also arrived.

Bian Daoren got off the car and met with the police officer leading the team.

“I am worried that there might be people with guns inside who might harm the child, so I sent two people in to infiltrate first,” Bian Daoren said.

“My apologies, we acted on our own first.”

“The childs safety should be our priority,” the police officer said.

“As for whats to be done next, we can cooperate together.”

“On our side, two people had gone in first to find the child and make sure he is safe.

After that, the mission will be all yours,” Bian Daoren said.

“Okay.” The police officer nodded in agreement.

“But are you sure the child is inside”

“Were not.

But if the child is not there, we have to catch the people inside first.

We are sure there are people inside.

We are sure of catching the people inside before they can react, so the other party wont have time to inform their accomplices.

Once we catch them, we will be able to find out the childs whereabouts,” Bian Daoren explained.

Krum looked at the screen as he said to the Second Guards, “Looks like we found the right place.

Theres an 80% likelihood that the child is in the villa.

Eight steps away from the corner, turn in front of you.

There is a man there.”

Krum zoomed in on the screen and said, “Theres a gun.”

When the Second Guards received that info, they took out a very thin, tube-like thing, inserted it on a palm-sized screen, and extended it outwards.

They stopped at the wall just before the corner turn, revealing less than a centimeter of the top camera.

They saw that the other party was just smoking in the corridor, and his back was even facing them.

So he retracted the camera and took out a tranquilizer gun from his waist, then just shot it towards the back of the mans neck.

The whole process was soundless.

The other party did not even know that someone had infiltrated as he fell unconscious.

Before he dropped to the floor, the Second Guard rushed forward to catch him, lest the sound of him falling on the ground would be so loud that it would expose them.

This tranquilizer dosage was enough to ensure that this man would stay asleep for a whole day.

The other Second Guard also put down another man.

The two of them met up in front of the basement.

The door to the basement was not locked.

The Second Guards opened it silently.

Through the door opening, they saw a woman inside, standing in front of a baby cot.

That woman did not do anything else.

She just kept her head lowered and stared at the baby, but her face was contorted with jealousy and hatred.

The Second Guard gestured the number “1” at his partner and raised the tranquilizer gun.

With another gunshot, the tranquilizer needle flew across the air in a flash with a faint sliver of light, piercing into the other partys neck silently.


That woman collapsed on the ground.

The two Second Guards entered.

They checked the face of the woman, at the same time sending the image over to Krum.

Krum immediately informed Bian Daoren and said, “The other partys identity is confirmed.

It is Lin Jinshu.”

Bian Daoren nodded and said to the police officer, “My men found the baby.”

The police officer nodded and immediately waved his hands, saying, “Lets move.”

The police surrounded the villa and charged in.

For safety reasons, the two Second Guards did not dare to bring Yijun out right away, lest they met any hooligans along the way.

They were not scared themselves.

They were just afraid that some mishap might happen to Yijun as a result.

The current situation did not necessitate them to break out of the villa forcefully.

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